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Thread: Do You Replay Missions?

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    Registered: Mar 2004
    Location: Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada
    I always fit in a few old missions on the weekend if I can. This weekend I finished Being Thief - Exile, Dewinder Manor, Down in the old Vault , Recipe for Turmoil and Affairs of Wizards.

    Ive played all of these before, but always enjoy replaying. I cant count how many time Ive replayed some of the agreed upon classics.

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    I sometimes do replay FMs.. and often for good reason....
    I know a well made mission often has more than one way to do something... and when I replay.. I often find there might be a better way of doing something.. (such as sneaking around around a guard rather than "removing" him, for example -- especially if he's wearing a KO-proof helmet)..
    other times, I see something I didn't notice before, or some loot I overlooked.... (I figure a "goodsie" thief should always clean a place out)

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    I have played through T1 and T2 original storylines a couple of times. Actually I think I only beat T1 once since I got stuck on something the very first time I played it, I kind of forget. Probably beat T2 a couple of times, each time I try to beat it without dying and reloading, but have never even come close...I usually end up falling off a ladder and just continue with reloading...the only FM I have ever replayed in full I think is Ominous Bequest. I guess I really enjoy the feeling of discovery most so I'd rather just keep trying new ones since I'm a relative newcomer to FMs anyway and usually only have a couple of sprees a year of playing then I get burnt out on Thief if I play too much. I always play Expert the first time and try my hardest to see if I can complete the mission blind without dying, the difficulty for this varies widely depending on author, mission size, type etc. but it's always fun to play blind and carefully for me. If I were to replay anything it would probably be one of the campaigns, which I seemed to like most: T2X, Bathory, Dracula Reloaded, or L'Arsene series, these are all favorites. Since I've discovered how rich the FM scene is, I don't think I've played any of the original missions actually...

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    I do replay them on a regular basisi.

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    I replay them regularly. Always on expert, unless they are significantly different on other difficulties.
    T2 only now though, my TG disks disintegrated years ago and I can't re-install. I'm not so keen on the other versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frobbin hood View Post
    my TG disks disintegrated years ago and I can't re-install. I'm not so keen on the other versions.
    GOG has an install for Thief Gold.. only about 10 bucks..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eiji View Post
    GOG has an install for Thief Gold.. only about 10 bucks..
    and regularly goes on sale for like two or three bucks. and you get a standalone installer, with no drm or client app nonsense required*. it is prepatched with TFix Lite 1.26** (but has the olddark exe if you prefer that). honestly thr gog releases of thief gold and thief 2 are the simplest and most convenient ways to get and play thief these days, definitely worth picking up.

    (*gog does have a client app that they push on their website, but it is completely optional)

    (**voodoo47 was maintaining the patches for gog before. im not sure why it isnt yet prepatched with 1.27. so youll still need to patch it once for newer FMs)

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    All the time! There's nothing more satisfying then replaying a much loved FM and finding something new that you did not discover before!

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