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Thread: FmSel & T2Fix

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    FmSel & T2Fix

    Hey guys. I actually managed copying both discs to a a USB drive & installed Thief 2 onto a pc without a cd-rom. Thought they would be protected or something. Anyway, I need the T2Fix_1.27 program (that fixes the cd2 issue too right?) and the FmSel program. I don't seem to have them backed up anymore
    Is there anything else I need ? It's so long ago I installed to another computer lol

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    T2Fix can be found here. You can frequently return there and check whether there's a new version. Usually, the main version number (currently 1.27) is the NewDark version contained in that T2Fix version, and a letter at the end (currently "d") shows what version the other content inside has.

    Usually, you only have to install T2Fix, and you will get FMSel "for free". It's part of NewDark, and after T2Fix, it should already be installed and activated. Take your time to go through the configuration options for installing T2Fix as well as for FMSel after installation. After that, you should have a T2 installation that is up-to-date and suits your needs. The CD copy proitection should not trouble you anymore after that as well, IIRC (but note that it is still illegal for you to distribute the game yourself, regardless whether for free or not).

    The T2Fix installer should also offer to install the game from your copied CDs or to upgrade an already existing T2 installation on your hard disk.

    A few selections made during installation may not be reversible with a nice menu afterwards, such as using english subtitles for the game or some enhancement packs. If that troubles you, ask on the forums, for there is usually a way to change these selections again with a bit of knowledge of the game, and someone should be able to tell you how to do it without all these nice menus.

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    FYI Jax will shortly be releasing a further update to T2Fix (1.27e) which will contain yet more fixes and include all the dmlís made since July 2020, probably in the region of 80 or so, so definitely worth keeping an eye on the T2Fix thread over the coming days.

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    Great to hear T2Fix will get another update!

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