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Thread: An apology

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    Registered: Feb 2006
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    Welcome back and no need to apologize. We're all busy with life to one extent or another.

    Definitely love the easy interface of thiefmissions and that it has been maintained over the years. Appreciate your work! And agree that it would be nice to share the data with several other 'keepers' of the information.

    Hope you find some time play the newer missions. I am still regularly amazed at the talent and creativity that produce such wonderful adventures after all these years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by epithumia View Post
    I would like to offer my apology to each of you in the community for letting you down, and while I can't promise to fix anything, I would like to try.
    I have to admit I'm surprised by this phrase, because if there's one site that has not let us down after so many years, it's indeed

    You should be commended for having kept it alive for so long, you have my gratitude. We unfortunately lost "Keep of Metal and Gold", as well as other sites such as "DromEd Central", "Southquarter" and the likes, but the fact that is amazing in its own right. Also, I actually appreciate still having access to out-of-date FMs, and I know I can count on thiefmissions for this.

    That said, it's great to have you back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sperry View Post
    We unfortunately lost "Keep of Metal and Gold"
    KOMAG moved all the missions and other stuff from the Keep to Shadow Dark Keep so all the old stuff is still there.

    I still have two full sets of KOMAG mission DVD's from '02 and '03, which are backed up on a external hard drive and my computer, just in case thiefmissions and other sites become unavailable. Plus I've been downloading and backing up as many updated mission versions and new missions as I can. Ultimately though I like visiting sites like thiefmissions and find them useful and easy to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxleader View Post
    KOMAG moved all the missions and other stuff from the Keep to Shadow Dark Keep so all the old stuff is still there.
    He only has T3 and TDM missions in there from what I can see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azaran View Post
    He only has T3 and TDM missions in there from what I can see
    You're right. For some reason I thought all the old missions were moved over but not so.

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    Your a pillar to the community .

    Thank You

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    Very few things are more important in life than Thief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zajazd View Post
    Very few things are more important in life than Thief.
    Oh, I recognize good old overly-sweet and cringe-tier praising TTLG community

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    Welcome back!!! I've been using your sitre so much during the years, so I really hope you will find time to update. Thank you for the great work!!!!

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    Seems I'm the only one who thinks Klingon pain sticks are in order here.

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    Registered: Nov 2018
    I second the motion that the current simple interface is wonderful and would hope never to see it replaced \ redone : )

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    Registered: May 2005
    Ratings are probably not needed on Thief Missions anymore. There are only 241 rated missions on the site. Thief Guild has ratings for all missions and they get constantly updated as new votes come in.

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    So a couple of things:

    I have no intention of radically altering anything on thiefmissions. Partially because I have no time to do anything like that but also because I like it the way it is. (Even though I don't think I like powder blue quite as much as I used to.)

    I would probably get rid of ratings. They were mostly for my usage and I basically stopped trying to rate missions a long time ago. Though if that information can be extracted from Thief Guild then I would consider doing that.

    I do still find utility in other things like screenshots and especially the forum links. I would happily add links to Thief Guild. (Not that I have at this point actually visited Thief Guild. Sorry. I need to have a look at any other sites which have sprung up since I was last active.)

    I am prototyping out an information submission interface, so you can tell me what's out of date or send me new info. Hopefully I can pull together enough time to get that functional, and then try to clean up the rest of the underlying code. That's a 20 year old code base at this point and things have changed a bit in the last 20 years. FTP basically isn't a thing these days but eventually you should be able to easily submit a mission.

    I still have very little free time so I can't make any promises as to when this might happen, but I am trying to make it happen. I'm also not a web developer and don't pretend to be one, which means that something an experienced person could crank out in a day means a bunch of tinkering for me. But that's part of why I do it. I'm actually a sysadmin, which touches on all sorts of development including web stuff, but isn't the real focus. Creating thiefmissions was basically a way to learn, and I intend to use the current work to try and learn a bit more.

    Also, I have to do some OS work on the machine, so it might be offline for a bit tomorrow.

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    Just keeping the site up is enough, honestly, but it would be great to see new missions after all these years.

    Your website is my top favourite, because it is nothing more than just a depository of Thief fan missions, nothing else, no bullshit, not even a "pretty" graphics overlay (I'm not against it but hey, nice super simplistic touch still).
    Even if your work on the site these days is simply to keep it up, I say...Keep up the good work! Thumbs ups from me.

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    Hmm... I wonder if there is any interest in keeping the old versions of missions up as well. Namely the old dark versions for those missions that have been replaced. Though you may have already replaced them as well as other missions that have been updated pre-new dark.

    PS Thief Missions is definitely my favorite FM site as well.

    Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if there is a simple script that could take the info and links at this thread:
    and insert those links into the Walkthrough Lootlist slots for various missions at ThiefMissions.

    Doing this manually would be a non-starter in my opinion.

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