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Thread: List of custom potions/items in FMs

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    List of custom potions/items in FMs

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to keep track of what has been done as far as custom potions or interactive inventory items (not weapons). I'm referring to any potion or item which the player can interact with, or which has an active affect that can impact the gameplay. You'll find a list below, with the item name, as well as the mission in which it can be found in parenthesis. If I've forgotten anything, or am mistaken about the mission name or anything else, please feel free to comment so I can update the list. I know there's tons of creative custom items/potions in FMs.

    • Ankh -- to breath under water (Sepulture of the Sinistral)
    • Ballerina Shoes (Kings Story)
    • Charm potion (DedX)
    • Crowbar
    • Dark Grenade (A Better Tomorrow)
    • Darts (Horn of Canzo)
    • EMP grenades (T2x)
    • Eye of revelation (Mirror of Return)
    • Firelighters (Turning of the Leaves)
    • Flash mine (T2x)
    • Flying potion (?)
    • Frog eggs
    • Haunt's Head (Ominous Bequest)
    • Ice potion (Rocksburg 3)
    • Invisibility cape (Barthory)
    • Invisibility potion for T1 (Calendra's Cistern)
    • Keeper's Amulet (Broken Triad)
    • Man-eating bugs (T2x)
    • Plyers
    • Portable lantern
    • Sand bomb? (Order of the vine)
    • Shadow Jack (Wicked Relics)
    • Shatterstar (Ashen Age)
    • Silent potion (DedX)
    • Stonefall potion (Sepulture of the Sinistral)
    • Spider eggs
    • Sponge (Ominous Bequest)
    • Staff of far Reach (Broken Triad)
    • Strong potion (Rocksburg 3)
    • Third lockpick (T2x)
    • Tinder Box (Eclipsed)
    • Wolfsbane (Turning of the Leaves)
    • Zilich Amulet (Calendra's Legacy)
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    In Sturmdrang Peak is root (forgot the name). Item acts as infinite breath potion. In Greyquarter Height is concentrated slow fall potion (infinite use). In Unknown Treasure is Cape of Infrigidate. When used cape will protect you from damage received from lava lake's heat. In Ura there are bottles filled with water (they look like invisibility potions). You don't drink them though. Instead you can throw them and douse torches.

    Also flash mine isn't custom item. It appears in Thief 2.

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    Your Flying Potion maybe Granny’s Flying Potion from Tot: The Escape, one of the Tcrap missions.

    Gem of Oldorf (Ruins of Originia)

    also do such things as bones and other items found in cells that can be used as lockpicks count? There was a splinter used in Tears of Blood and a finger bone used in Bathory campaign.
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    The Inverted Manse had a bunch of stuff besides the new arrows and melee weapons: Super Healing Potion, Potion of Weaponsbane, Potion of Lifebreath, Potion of the Firewalker, Acid Bombs, and the secret Ballistic Missiles.

    What Lies Below had Frag Grenades, Flash Grenades, and Holy Water Grenades. Dance with the Dead kept the Frag Grenades and added Mega Frag Grenades, Scarab Mines, and Benny Bombs.

    Also, not to be nitpicky, but you missed a "j" in "Zjilich Amulet."

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    Spectacles of extra dimensional experience (Heist at Hilbert’s Highrise Hotel) allow the user to enter and exit paintings.

    Teleportation gizmo in Insanity’s crescendo

    Staff of far reach in Broken Triad
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    Bolt cutters in Turning of the Leaves.

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    Calendra's Legacy: A Winter's Eve - The night jewel - acts as an infinite invisibility potion with a cooldown between uses.

    Heartcliff Islands- bees wax - there is an area in the mission where an enemy sings and disorients (reverses all controls) Garrett if he hears the song,the wax can be use to stop the effect but Garrett becomes deaf.
    Hand of glory - When used Garrett says a prayer and the hand opens any lock nearby.Garrett's prayer is said out loud and will alert nearby guards.
    The mission also had a lot of unique potions that you can craft.

    Bad hangover - third lockpick - there are special locks that can only be opened with all three lockpicks used in a sequence (every lock has a different sequence)

    Bones :the old quarter (and in a few other missions) - ice bombs - freezes enemies.

    The Gas station - gas mask - protects from a poisonous gas and prevents from using items and weapons.

    Sand arrows ,flash arrows,ice arrows - seen them in a few FMs but don't remember which.

    Throwing knives/cleavers - various FMs (technically they are gadgets)

    Colored lenses - there was an fm that i vaguely remember where you had to collect various lenses and when used they would allow Garrett to see secret doors.

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