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Thread: Thief documentary

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    Thief documentary

    Did you guys see this? It revealed something I never knew were in the works or how rushed the games we got were...

    Also it seems flight simulators doomed Looking Glass. sad.

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    Oh I thought you were talking about this one that just came out a few weeks ago.

    Anyway, they're both pretty good docs.

    I had an idea T2 was rushed while I was playing it because I think it was Casing the Joint was openly full of buggy architecture & object placement, and I figured that duo was supposed to have been combined. The next mission that it set up was so cool that I didn't mind too much.

    The two interesting revelations to me from the new doc (or things I probably knew before but had forgotten) was the influence of submarine sims on the light gem concept (i.e., stealth as navigating safe & dangerous spaces) and I'm forgetting the second one but I wrote it in the other thread on this.

    Edit: Oh yeah, the 4 elements thing. I had actually known the magic system was built around the 4 elements, and some people had dome some fanfics about it before. And I even got that the arrows used elemental magic. But for some reason it didn't really click in a way that I remembered that the original arrows, after the normal one, were just the four elements (water, moss, gas, and fire), until they rightfully realized that it'd be dumb not to have useful trick arrows in addition to those four.
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    Documentary is great, makes my heart ache thinking about those days. What a gift those guys made for us.

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