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Thread: Most Memorable FMs

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    Most Memorable FMs

    With 20+ years since Thief 2 was released, we have certainly had a large number of FMs produced.

    When you think back about the FMs you have played, which ones jump to mind? Which FMs/FM campaigns stick out in your memory?

    Campaigns can count as one given the interconnectedness of the missions. Try to keep the list to about 5-10 FMs. I encourage you to think up the FMs before reading the thread.

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    Ruins of Originia
    Calendra's cistern
    Calendra's legacy
    Ominous Bequest
    Broken Triad
    Rocksbourg 3: Ink and Dust
    Lorgan's web
    Inverted manse
    When Still
    Order of the Vine

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    For the FMs that jump most to my mind with significant memories of scenes within them follow:

    * Equilibrium - fighting Keepers was certainly a new experience
    * Stowaway - the architecture and fun (challenging for the time) gameplay were fantastic
    * Keeper of the Prophecies - If you played it, you know why this one is memorable. So many ways it is memorable.
    * TTGM - The training mission and Errand Boy are great fun thief experiences. The Mage Compound was intriguing and unusual. The Mine itself with its puzzles and temples was also enjoyable though tense.
    * AKA Noah - really loved this mission when it was released; enjoyed the readables and the house was beautiful
    * What Lies Below - Keeper Glyphs done excellently for gameplay. Fantastic story and lore to this one as well. I wish T3 was more like this one.
    * Pirates Ahoy - Christine outdid herself. I was craving pirate theme missions so much I almost got a contest going.... then this campaign came out and I was thoroughly satisfied.
    * A Pirate's Downfall - Beautiful Mansion, well designed caves, lovely loot, plenty to explore and do. I think I replayed it on each difficulty setting too at one point.
    * Flying Age - Sterlino's at his best. Story, Tech, Uniqueness 10/10.
    * Airship - Another contest FM, long pre-dated Flying Age. Fun exploration, tense gameplay, good looking area.

    It definitely seems the earlier FMs have stuck with me more, while the contest FMs really brought about some originality.

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    Rebellion of the Builder 1
    Seven Shades of Mercury
    Gussie's Dream
    This FM haz no sense
    Night Watch: Mission 1

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    I'm relatively new to FM's but this are my favorites so far:
    1. The Scarlet Cascabel
    2. CoSaS: Mission X
    3. Rocksbourg 1-3
    4. Rose Cottage
    5. Rowena's Curse
    6. Into The Odd
    7. Morbid Curiosity
    8. Omnious Bequest

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    Location: Germany
    Thief 1/Gold:

    Edit: Sorry - I did miss the limitation of 5-10. I marked the "most sticking out FMs". It's impossible for me to narrow it down even more... ;-)

    === A+ ===
    Skacky's missions: Shadow Politics, Between These Dark Walls, Endless Rain
    A Burrick in a Room
    Ascend the Dim Valley
    Autumn in Lampfire Hills
    Calendra's Cistern
    Catacombs of Knoss
    Lost Among the Forsaken
    Rose Garden
    Sepulchre of the Sinistral
    The Chalice of Souls
    The Scarlet Cascabel
    The Whistling of the Gears

    === A ===
    Bloodstone Prison
    Dirty Money
    Making a Profit
    Project Hammer - Secret Connections
    Prowler of the Dark
    Recipe for Turmoil
    Returning a Favor
    Shadow Play
    The Burning Bedlam
    The Shadow of Lord Rothchest
    Whispers Below the Cobblestone

    Thief 2:

    === A+ ===
    Melan's missions: Bad Debts, Disorientation, Unbidden Guest
    Autumn in Lampfire Hills 2.1a
    Behind Closed Doors
    Being Thief & Exile
    Bones, Ep.1
    Breathing Corpses
    Calendra's Legacy
    Feast of Pilgrims

    L'Arsene series (L'Arsene, Emilie Victor, The Korrigans, The Den)
    Morbid Curiosity
    Ominous Bequest Gold & Broken Triad
    Rowena's Curse
    The Circle of Stone and Shadow: Mission X
    The Greyfeather Gems (The Shipment, Rodamill)
    The Hammerite Empire - The Seven Shades of Mercury
    The Seven Sisters
    Une Nuit a Rocksbourg (all three parts)
    Zealots Hollow

    === A ===
    A Brawl in the Tombs
    Bathory Campaign
    Cryptic Realms
    Darkstone Gem Campaign
    Deadly Cure
    Fables of the Penitent Thief
    Heist at Hilberts Highrise Hotel
    Home Sweet Home
    Horns of Canzo
    Into the Odd
    Keeper Investigations Campaign
    Mystic Gems (Unlucky Soul, Heart of Bohn)
    Raid on Washout Central
    Saturio Returns Home
    The Black Frog
    The Builders Paradise
    The Drymian Codex
    The Greyquarter Heist
    The Inverted Manse
    The Power of Suggestion
    The Temple of the Tides
    The Violent End of Duncan Malveine
    Thief - The Flying Age
    Thieves Highway
    Transitions in Chaos Part I: Conspiracies in the Dark
    Under Templehill
    What Lies Below

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    Here are the ten most memorable (not necessarily the best) FMs that came first to my mind and which left a lasting mental image into my mind:

    - The Seven Sisters
    - Behind Closed Doors
    - Catacombs of Knoss
    - Into the Odd
    - Alcazar
    - The Tomb of Saint Tennor
    - Ascend The Dim Valley
    - The Builder's Paradise
    - The Search for Crom´s Blade
    - The Mirror of Return

    And these two had to be mentioned also:

    - Broken Triad: Part 2 - Tempest Isle
    - Godbreaker: Part 2 - Impious Pilgrimage

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    Location: Deepest Sussex, England
    Wicked Relics
    Home Sweet Home
    Endless Rain
    The Scarlet Cascabel
    The Turning of the Leaves

    (There are hundreds old and new that I haven't yet played.)

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    Dwelling Insanity. That damn hole.

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    For me The Ashen Age Part 1 is the first mission that always comes to my mind when I think about FMs. I know it's not the biggest and the bestest mission, but for some reason it has made a big imprint in my mind ever since I played it for the first time many years ago.

    Thief 2X Shadows of the Metal Age was my introduction to FMs so it has stayed with me as well.

    Whispers in the Desert because of the original setting and some original ideas and memorable situations.

    I think my list will grow when I start replaying the missions that I have given the highest rating.

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    Forgotten Forest part II by Timon has some amazing stuff packed into a 20mb mission.

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    Don't have a list myself, but I guess that makes my "memorable missions" more genuine, eh?

    Scepter of Dor'Amal
    I vaguely remember finding it in fortuni's "Brief summaries of all missions", I was interested in the description, so I gave it a try, and I regret nothing.
    It is a one-time author mission, made by a rookie I think, it has some "rough around the edges" to it of course, but other than that, it was a really great mission. Very memorable, I enjoyed it a lot.

    Turn of the Tide
    This is exactly like Scepter of Dor'Amal, a rookie-made mission, but not one-time author (thankfully). Just like Scepter, it has rough around the edges, but the way the author made it was just amazing, it felt very inspiring, it gave a great first impression.

    Way Home
    This one is actually just a bit less memorable, but when I get to play it again, the memories are back. It's a like a mix of feeling good, nostalgia, and just a bit of sadness. The reason why is...Well, play it for yourself, perhaps you'll understand it better than me explaining why.

    The Time That Has Passed
    This is ironically a mission I didn't like very much so, gave it a 2.5/5, but I still remember it well and somehow it gives me a bit of nostalgia. It could be because this reminds me of how the first mission can be inspiring in a peculiar way.
    Though most likely, it is because this is when I got my very first modern monitor and I loved it, also because in the "Brief Summaries", or perhaps it was "Fan Mission Listing by Type", it erroneously says it's a horror mission. Well it's not.

    The Ties That Bind
    I remember this one dearly because of how amazing the mission is. As well as, because...I had a dream about it, and it was 100% accurate. I could not believe it.
    The dream itself is a spoiler so read on your own discretion: I was in a room, it had a big spider, green. The room itself was a bit dark and I was very close to the spider itself. Before that spider though, I also had a dream that I opened a secret door in the Keeper's Library with a book. All of this was nearly exactly as how it was in the game itself. Also, no, I did not do any of that progress before the dream, I did it AFTER!

    L'Arsene Series
    Gat, on his first mission, made something amazing but it felt way lower quality than even Scepter of Dor'Amal. Still, appearances are lies, what matters is gameplay and story first, right?
    Well that's what Gat's Series, L'Arsene, is. I really enjoyed the linearity of the first mission, I really enjoyed the "break" we get from Arsese in Emilie Victor (and something way more than that, I'll mention it later), I absolutely enjoyed the Korrigans, those little goblins are so cute! And I of course enjoyed The Den.
    I will never forget this series, the author did an amazing job with it.

    The Black Frog
    Remember Gat? Of course you do, I just mentioned him above. Well, he also made this massive Campaign. A wondrous one, absolutely gorgeous, love it.
    But I have to say, the reason I remember this campaign is because of Emilie Victor, the mission itself and the character.
    Also...Well, I don't really want to mention it again but I must because it is what makes it much more memorable for me. This is the mission where I learned one of the veteran Thief Ladies, MsLedd, died. I can't remember if it was two days after, or right on this day, but you can see why it is memorable and incredibly sad for me.
    Either way, this is a mission that should be put on "Must Play", no doubt.

    I believe this has to be exactly the 3rd mission that I have played. The way I found it was weird; it was on this website TVTropes, I'm a real maniac for horror (nightmare fuel) so I went to check for nightmare fuel for games, then Thief had some, I checked it out and there it was. That "Nightmare Fuel" category there mentioned a fan mission called Eclipse, it had quite a good summary. So, I wanted to go ahead, and try it myself.
    Amazing, I really enjoyed it, I personally think another horror fan mission is better than this but I can't deny that Eclipsed is absolutely great by itself. The memories I have...I remember how I did not play it a second time, which, you know what? I should do that as soon as possible! It will be worth it, to remember all the horrors I saw in there.

    Into the Maelstrom
    One of the most memorable missions for me. Why? It is the second fan mission that I've played and just like the first one, it left me an amazing impression.
    I really enjoyed the horror factor in it, it heavily increased my confidence in Thief fan missions, back then I was against it no matter what, because I'm one of those stubborn "Vanilla Only" kind of players.
    But this mission is not the one that "changed" me, nah, it helped, but the real mission that changed me is...

    Lady Rowena's Curse
    Where do I even begin? I simply can't fathom how much I love this mission and how much I enjoyed it.
    It had quality that beat ANY Thief fan mission out there, even the most beloved Thief 2 OM "Life of the Party".
    I was not expecting that much, I remember getting this from the classic good ol' "cheapthiefmissions" website. I also have no idea what made me get this mission, perhaps it was the word "Curse" itself, I was looking for something that might be horror without knowing about how fan missions work and all that.
    And oh boy, I was in for a treat. I was enthralled. I was taken by Lady Rowena's other-worldly impressive level, story and architecture design. The mission was-No, I mean- IS PERFECT.
    It had everything I wanted, the difficulty, the good graphics, the story, the HORROR even. I was so impressed by it, that the reason I joined this forum is actually to contact Lady Rowena, to send her a message on how great her Fan Mission is. I was also, indeed, very lucky enough to do so, for as you all know, she sadly passed away about 4 years ago now.
    I will never forget this fan mission, but sadly I did forget when exactly I did play it. I think it was in 2015 or 2016, and I started Thief 1 to 3 in 2012.
    Lady Rowena herself completely changed my mind of how I perceive Fan Missions, I even started to find the beauty in these old, or badly made missions. I can't thank her enough for what she did, I was opened to the doors of art that made me feel like I'm alive, well and happy for a very good reason. Don't wanna get too cheesy about it now, but I'm sure you all understand how much I love this mission.

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    1. All Eternauta's missions, especially The Last Lighthouse Keeper and When Still
    2. Morbid Curiosity (the best looking mission ever, I don't think anyone could match this level of details, I wish PukeyBrunster made more fanmissions )
    3. Dracula Reloaded (it seriously feels like a real adventure with constant progress, first mission is jaw dropping)
    4. L'Arsene Series and The Black Frog
    5. Patriot, I got angry A LOT in this campaign, but it has some of the most memorable events and ideas I've seen in any FM
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