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Thread: [Release] X-Raydar (T1/G/2) (OM and universal FM mod)

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    [Release] X-Raydar (T1/G/2) (OM and universal FM mod)

    This is an immersion-breaking or cheaty kind of mod. Then again, I personally find it much more distracting to read mission loot walkthroughs to track down those tiny coin objects. Maybe other "100% completion" OCD sufferers will find this mod helpful as well.

    This effect is turned off by default. The mod gives you a toggle item to switch these indicators on and off.

    The mod includes optional files for each indicator category. Depending on your preference, this might display just loot, or it might display just about anything that could be interesting.

    Full list of available radar modules:
    • Loot. Out in the open, in chests, on someone's belt--wherever.
    • Pickpocketable items, regardless of type. Coin purses, quiver arrows, etc.
    • Secrets and objectives. This is more hit-or-miss than other modules, given the many ways objectives can be handled.
    • Keys, arrows/crystals, and other equipment.
    • Unread books, scrolls, etc.
    • Various devices--buttons, switches, levers, pressure plates, etc.
    • Containers with stuff in them, regardless of the specific contents.
    • Creatures. Ignores killed and KO'd creatures. Displays only enemies, unless neutral (rats) or allied (Basso) creatures are enabled as well.

    The dot's color indicates the category, and its size indicates the distance. In theory, there may be some exotic scenarios where an item cannot be detected, but I haven't encountered any in practice.

    Latest version, further documentation, and installation instructions are in the Github repo. Mod requires NewDark v1.27 or higher.

    • v2.5 (2021-09-09): Initial public release. Previous versions used wildly different techniques and could only detect or display nearby items.
    • v2.6 (2021-09-11): Small bugfixes and project cleanup. Details on Github.
    • v2.7 (2021-10-10): Added secrets and objectives. Created DMM packages. Various small improvements. Details on Github.
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    Are you fingerprinting these mods to make it easy for FM authors to ensure that they don’t work on their missions?

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    I considered whether to build in kill switches for that purpose, and so far have not. I'm open to hearing opinions, since there are different perspectives at play.

    If it's a matter of incompatibility or bugs, of course I'd like to prevent and fix those. But I hate the thought of someone bothering an FM author over an issue I caused. Maybe a good safety net would be for me to show a warning message at the start of non-OMs?

    However, if it's merely a difference in gameplay preferences of the FM author and FM player, I see that as a dispute between those two people, and it's not my place to pick a side. I sympathize with the artist's desire for creative control, and I respect the player's autonomy in deciding how they want to spend their time. So far, I've created neither circumvention nor anti-circumvention features.

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    A version that only highlights objects you have direct line of sight to might be slightly less egregious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saracoth View Post
    I sympathize with the artist's desire for creative control
    i dont. the desire to tightly control the players experience is stifling, and antithetical to the purpose of the immersive sim genre. as an fm author, i get to shape the space the player will play in, but give up control so as to give freedom to the player. whether they like to supreme ghost, or speedrun, or swordfight, or ironman, or quickload a lot, or search for loot themselves, or use a walkthrough or a mod like this—i give the player a space to play in, and then it is up to them how they choose to approach that space and enjoy themselves in it (or not). the player is the co-author of the experience.

    personally this mod (and most others) is not something i would want to use. but i would be foolish to want to blacklist it from my missions.

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    i feel thief 3 glint effect on loot was the best one ever,also liked how it was timed on glint so sometimes you had to sit and just look for a short bit to see if anything was loot,not counting loot behind safes/etc

    i kinda laugh thinking next will be the loot vacuum just get close to loot and it auto picks it up :P

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