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Thread: Redfall - Arkane

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaUnit02 View Post
    The only Xbox first party studios that seem to be chugging along without a hitch seem to be their Forza studios; their Gears of War studio; Obsidian; Double Fine; Ninja Theory; InXile.
    Scratch that, now I'm hearing that Obsidian's Avowed has been going through severe development, being rebooted at least once, with department head shuffles; The Coalition cancelled two non-Gears games.

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    I didn't want to jump aboard the hate train, because that's always a stupid way to ruin any experience for yourself, but having played Redfall on my Xbox lately (it's on the Game Pass so it's "free"), I have to admit that all these people do have a point. Redfall isn't very good. It's not terrible either, to be honest. It's just not very good in any way. The problem seems to be that Redfall doesn't even know what kind of a game it wants to be.

    As a pure FPS it fails to hit the mark, because the gunplay just isn't that great. It's somewhat decent, but I feel like it could be so much more fun. All the guns lack any kind of 'oomph' and the enemies don't react in a satisfying way when they're hit. It's not a stealth game either, because even by Arkane standards, the stealth is very simple - at times even sort of annoying, actually! I'm playing with the character that has sort of a invisibilty skill, and the way how I play this game is that I run towards the objective marker, wait until the enemies go "huh?! who goes there?!", then I hit the invisibility button and I either kill everyone while I'm invisible, or do whatever I need to do and get out. The enemy AI really is that terrible. I know that fun AI isn't the same as the most intelligent AI, but we're almost talking about Wolfenstein 3D level of AI here. The enemies don't seem to care when I kill their comrades right in front of them, and their vision and hearing seems to be so bad that "stealth" really is way too easy. And when they occasionally do detect the player, the poor things often seem to choose the shortest route to their deaths.

    Redfall could work as a survival game, but it's not that either. Death has no real consequences, and you'll never run out of ammo or anything. There's no feeling of danger anywhere. Collecting all the "survival" stuff lying around becomes sort of pointless once you realise that there's no reason to do that. The story isn't bad, but it doesn't seem interesting enough to carry the game on its back. The quests (particularly the side quests) could be copied straight off some free-to-play MMO. "Can you fetch my grandmother's necklace? I'm not brave enough but you look like a tough guy. It's very important to me." "Can you place this old pocketwatch on my father's grave? It would mean everything to me." The main quests may be a little bit more complicated, but their execution isn't exactly very imaginative either...

    So why am I even playing this game? To be honest, at this point I just want to get it over with, but every now and then Redfall manages to get the tense atmosphere just right. I also really like the locations and the gameworld itself. Exploring everything for the first time is exciting, but pretty soon you'll realise that there's nothing to do in that world - it's just an empty shell for something that could have been good. I think there might be some fun to be had in co-op, but as a single player game Redfall just isn't worth it.

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    Here's a good example of the AI in Redfall. These well-trained supersoldiers won't know what's going to hit them in a couple of seconds. That's five quick knockouts in a row, and none of them are going to suspect anything! They should ban those noise-cancelling headphones from the military personnel.

    Also, see the conveniently placed oil stains if you prefer playing with the fire instead... (I think that all the environmental hazards in Redfall are actually a bigger threat than the vampires!)

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