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Thread: Need some techy help from techy people

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    Need some techy help from techy people

    Not specific to TEG but I'm asking here first because it has to do with The Circle and related front pages.

    I've been trying to get time to retool these for awhile to a state where they are updated for mobile, the modern interwebs, and well...frankly, don't resemble graveyards. No graphic changes, but a big clean up. Removing dead and irrelevant links, archiving news stories where they can be called up when/if needed. That's about it.

    I've got the files on my hard drive for toying with and the blessing of the powers that be (or rather, were...). I also have a solid plan for doing the grunt work myself. What I really need is someone who can partner with me for a few hours and tell me what I'm looking at in these html files, and can point me toward getting the pages updated for mobile. I had someone on board but they're in the wind now, so I thought maybe this was a good place to ask. PM me for more details if you can help.

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    Might have more luck posting this is Tech & Troubleshooting?

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