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Thread: so TDM enemies search whatever room you're in forEVER??

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    so TDM enemies search whatever room you're in forEVER??


    New to The Dark Mod although played all the 4 Thief games for years, many times, and love them all…yes, even the latest Thief (#4)
    I of course loved the ‘look’ of TDM
    Persisted thru a ½ dozen fan missions
    This to me is the worst part.

    When you go into any room, silent or not (this has happened in 6-of-the-6 FMs I played),within seconds to a minute very single enemy goes into the same room you are in
    That’s not realistic
    …and that’s bad enough.
    But even worse
    Lets say you hide in a dark corner of the room; so now 3,4,5 or more enemies are there
    They can’t see you, you're crouched in the dark
    Unlike every other Thief game ever, they NEVER leave
    How is that realistic? How is that fun?

    I take a brake to make a cup of coffee, and come back in 10 minutes one of 2 things will happen

    1. They are all still there searching; no one EVER gives up.
    2. One of them has bumped into you (because the TDM engine draws them to you, silent or not), and kill you

    How is that fan improvement of TDM over the designer company’s 4 games an improvement?
    How does that make the game fun?

    What is everyone else seeing that is so great for this, that I can’t see…I really want to know, because maybe I’m missing something?
    I’m 99% on the way to completely giving up.

    Thank you


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    Quote Originally Posted by eric View Post
    a-½-dozen-of-the-a-½-dozen-FMs I played

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    what does the reply ' FTFY ' mean ('fixed that for you'?) in reference to my inquiry?
    thank you


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    I think the answers would be more satisfying if they were asked in The Dark Mod forum instead.

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    Just toss a flashbomb, and vamoose out of there

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    I don't know what's going on for you, that doesn't sound normal. Them spotting you "silent or not" that is. Although TDM's AI is more acute than the Thief AI, their spotting logic is similar: they can only see you in light and hear if you make noise, and when they have they usually make a remark about it. They will only start searching for you if they get alerted enough.

    So I think you'll just have to get used to the harder AI, or you can also set the AI difficulty levels lower in the game options.

    About the searching behaviour, I don't think that sounds normal either. At least I haven't experienced that vigorous behaviour. But again they have better AI for searching also than in Thief. I think it makes sense they search directly the spot they see you. Staying in the same room forever, that I don't know about.

    But what I think happens they get more alerted than you'd expect so maybe you need to lower the difficulty settings.

    Quote Originally Posted by eric View Post
    what does the reply ' FTFY ' mean ('fixed that for you'?) in reference to my inquiry?
    thank you

    You can mostly ignore any message written by ZylonBane.

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    I don't know why they're following you in; that sounds like a bug.

    As for the searching, I have noticed that in TDM enemies are far more likely to get in a 'loop' of searching when there are multiple of them around. What happens is that when one stops its normal search pattern, it will barely have a chance to go back on its route if there's another enemy nearby still searching, since I think it gets triggered to start a new search. That goes on essentially forever as you say, unless you get lucky and all the enemies happen to stop searching in synch. The original game really didn't seem to have that happen very often if ever.

    I'm guessing it has to do with the radius at which the AI 'pulls in' others and raises their alert. With two enemies I've often seen it go for five minutes or more, although on occasion they will spread out and the alert stops quickly. It seems like something that could be fixed with an enforced cooldown period to send them back to their home position.

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    Has this been mentioned over on the TDM forums, where the people who developed TDM & the mission authors themselves are ?

    You may have found a bug they need to fix, if so while mentioning it on this forum might get their attention, it's not guaranteed

    If you want to complain about a problem, complain where it'll do some good

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