Not specific to TEG but I'm asking here first because it has to do with.

I've been trying to get time to retool the Circle and related front pages for a while to a state where they are updated for mobile, the modern interwebs, and well...frankly, don't resemble graveyards. No graphic changes, but a big clean-up. Removing dead and irrelevant links, archiving news stories where they can be called up when/if needed. That's about it.

I've got the files on my hard drive for toying with and the blessing of the powers that be (or rather, were...). I also have a solid plan for doing the grunt work myself. What I really need is someone who can partner with me for a few hours and tell me what I'm looking at in these html files, and can point me toward getting the pages updated for mobile. I had someone on board but they're in the wind now, so I thought maybe this was a good place to ask. PM me for more details if you can help.