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Thread: Digital Eel's 20th Eelyear Platinum Collection (10 games/$1.00)

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    Digital Eel's 20th Eelyear Platinum Collection (10 games/$1.00)

    Hey groovy guys & gals

    Wanted to let you know that it's Digital Eel's 20th year.

    Czech out the 20th Eelyear Platinum Collection
    10 weirdly cool Digital Eel games for $1.00!
    (Btw, sale ends tomorrow night, Sep 26, at midnight PT)

    Here's what you get

    The Infinite Space "Trilogy"

    Strange Adventures in Infinite Space
    Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space*
    Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars

    And more!

    Dr. Blob's Organism**
    Big Box of Blox
    Soup du Jour
    Brainpipe: A Plunge to Unhumanity*
    Data Jammers: FastForward

    * IGF award winner.
    ** IGF double award winner!

    Go see!

    - P

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    So sad I missed this! I'm a big Digital Eel fan. Orded Weird Worlds from you guys direct back in the day.

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