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Thread: Fallen Aces

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    Fallen Aces

    Fallen Aces has a demo out in the current Steam Next Fest.

    Just played through it and it's good! It's got fighting, stealth, a compelling narrative and some immsim-ish elements which I'm not gonna spoil by telling you about them, better you just play it yourself and be surprised by what you can do.

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    I read the title, and until I looked at your description, it never crossed my mind that it might not be a flight sim.

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    Played the demo. Definitely has imsim elements! Or, really, Dark Messiah elements specifically, it seemed to me. I guess the hook is supposed to be the noir style story? Didn't really grab me. The gameplay itself is okay.

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    I think it has an interesting style, it's really trying hard which comes off as a bit irksome, but I guest that's a fitting sensation for detective noir.

    Really not convinced by the level design though. Visual design is top notch, however the geometry seems very basic but maybe I'm expecting too much. The raycasting engine is great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Briareos H View Post
    Really not convinced by the level design though.
    Really? Huh. I thought the level design was the best thing it had going for it. E.g., lots of different pathways and routes in and out of the main demo target.

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    Yeah I liked the level design too although they could stand to be bigger. Right now it feels a bit Deadly Shadows-ish with how the upper and lower floors of the club are separated by loading screens.

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    Tried it, it's okay. Like elder scrolls there's no nuance to the combat. The general aesthetic is good, the final product will be an easy and fun time but I don't imagine will be memorable.

    It pokes fun at its own 1950s monster closets.

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