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Thread: Thief 2 FM: Cell six (Text walkthrough)

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    Thief 2 FM: Cell six (Text walkthrough)

    Thief 2 FM: Cell six (Text walkthrough)

    Version: 0.0.1
    Up-to-date version:
    License: GPLv3

    While writing this walkthrough I assume that the reader is rather intelligent
    person who also likes this game and is able to read readables, loot lootables
    and explore explorable by himself without my stimulating.


    Small, very architecturally nice mission. Attention: never quicksave right after
    blackjacking someone. Wait 5-7 seconds to make sure that you haven't disturbed
    the AI because that is gameover. One more nuance: it is easy to get gameover
    right after switching the generator off or on. Just rearrange the guards' bodies
    until everything is fine. Sometimes I got gameover in a situation when no AI
    could possibly have a slightest chance to see a body but still the alarm
    was triggered. Moving some random bodies into the dark places helped me.

    === CELL SIX ===

    Take a frying pan from the kitchen a good substitute for a blackjack.

    The "Interrogation key" is on the belt of the guard talking to the prisoner.

    Open the Interrogation Room but don't rush inside the path will be blocked
    by something deadly and ghost-like.

    "Basil the rat" is in the generator room (no hidden objectives related to it,

    Library with a strange window (top floor)? This window is openable with a secret
    book-switch on the shelf near the opposite window. Take a "Rusted Key" there. And
    don't skip the secret switch under the table. Also there is a very easy to miss
    stack of coins behind the books on the bookshelf.

    Take a "Cell Block Access Key" from the table at the stairwell ajacent to the
    kitchen. Read the both books too. At the top of that stairwell you'll find a
    lift to a room with a guard who is guarding the cell Block entrance. Search the
    office there and take a "Power control key."

    Now you can switch off the power. But beware soon after you'll switch off the
    generator, the mechanist will appear and try to turn it back.

    Go to the cell block (through the kitchen-adjacent stairwell). That guard near
    the radiator is almost blind but very hard to knock out. So just ignore him.
    Take a "Cell Master Key" from the patrolling guard (also unknockable) and go to
    the 6th cell. A ring is hidden behind a loose brick above the berth.

    You can use the "Cell Master Key" to release the police officer from the cell.

    Show the "Signet Ring" from the 6th cell to the ghost in the Interrogation Room
    (throw it on the ground near him). He'll give you a code to the lift. Pick the
    ring back and also take the "Elevator Access Panel key" from the floor.

    Don't forget to turn the generator on: elevator needs electicity.

    Now use the "Elevator Access Panel key" and a 3791 code to get to the warden's

    Use "Rusted key" to open the chest in the warden's office.

    Take "Warden's Office key" from the table.

    See columns near the lift at the warden's office? One of them has a small button
    that moves the cupboard freeing the passage to a secret room. Take a "Mysterious
    Key" there.

    Now return to the secret room in the library and use the "Mysterious Key" on the
    gate. Listen to the record and take it.

    Go home through the same door you came in.

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    ..and explore explorable by himself without my stimulating.
    Fnarrr fnarr!

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