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Thread: just picked up a pair of vans in pagan green :)

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    just picked up a pair of vans in pagan green :)

    so i got a pair of juniper green vans cause they reminded me of the pagans,also mine came with juniper green laces along with white laces 49.99$ on sale now,they come in slip on,low top and high top,and include the cush air sole added for free,and dont forget to check out the horror-x catalog for movie/vans merch

    removed link as this is not an advertisement
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    They just need one final touch for maximum Thiefiness

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    i would have figured you would have added the ballet slippers from kings story :P

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    Isn't there a rule against advertising on here? This feels a bit heavyhanded lol

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    the blackjack is my weapon of choice,if there is a rule on it i am sorry i never ment it as a advertisement ,just excited about my new shoes

    i wish vans would have done a thief series of shoes=forsure thief 1 for that gritty feel

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    I suppose you could have just nicked them, in the spirit of Thief?
    "I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded Footlocker, steal another robust store clerk's green Vans and leave quietly."

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    got them online so its had to convert my digital being through the interweb and get the shoes then to convert to digital information then send it all back keep me and the shoes digital information seperate,seems a bit above my league as i am only a low level downwind thieves guild member

    reeves ball stutter its me

    although if you remember the so called thief 4 screen shots garrett or who every it was suppose to be had some modern shoes and outfits,i made a post about it once and added screen shots just forgot what board it was,smoking spice at my age is making my memory not so good,but i am still not as bad as benny,no one can touch that

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    With those shoes you won't need the blackjack and can certainly skip the moss arrows at the load out store.

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