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Thread: Guardians of the Galaxy - Eidos Montreal

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    Guardians of the Galaxy - Eidos Montreal

    Has anyone played this? I was surprised that it's actually been getting good reviews.

    This was developed by the same core team as Deus Ex: HR and MD. Not the "B team" that made Shadow of the Tomb Raider and assisted on the shitty Crystal Dynamics Avengers game.

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    I'll always see this as the game that EM made instead of Deus Ex 5, but still the good reviews it's been getting to intrigue me.

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    Yeah this is intriguing, and I'm glad to see EM still putting out well-received games, tho the combat looks like a very FFXV-ish thing where you're locked in small arenas fighting very bulletspongy enemies, which isn't my kinda thing. Think I'll wait for a sale.

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    Yeah, my impression is that I might enjoy the game's storytelling and characters, but the combat would be a turn-off. Well, that and the way Starlord looks in this.

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    The art style of both this and the Avengers one they did still baffle me.

    Either do a proper tie-in to the MCU with likenesses of the actors, or do something unique based on comics. Going with the exact movie designs but the wrong faces just looks like an error or a cheap knock-off.

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