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Thread: Sad news about bbb

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    Registered: Sep 2003
    Location: Cambridgeshire UK

    Sad news about bbb

    I've just received an email from bbb's wife Lisa saying that he passed away suddenly last week.

    bbb (Bryan Gleason) wrote some very popular FMs including Three Crowns, Mighty Joe Young, A Short Night's Work and Augustine's Revenge. I was privileged to be one of his regular testers so regarded him as an old friend. He will be sorely missed by the Thief community.

    RIP Bryan.

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    I'll play Augustine's Revenge right now.

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    Registered: Jan 2020
    Oh man, what a sad and unexpected news, i really enjoyed his missions

    Rest in peace and a warm hug to all his family.

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    Registered: Oct 2018
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    A genuine loss for the community.

    He was active for so long and contributed so much. He was always a positive figure here, friendly and eager to talk on the forums and in private. Quick to praise and ever humble about his own work, he took compliments well and modestly. He was proud of what everyone here had accomplished.

    Personally, he was a huge inspiration: I loved his approach to loot, putting something in every nook and cranny to reward the player, and his understanding of level flow seemed like second nature, exceeding many commercial games I've played. Augustine's Revenge and A Short Night's Work still stand out for me as some of my favourite memories from any FM.

    I'm honoured that I had the chance to let him know that I and others appreciated him and all his work over the years. The last I heard from him, he was weighing up whether to make another mission after The Hammer Skull, but he assumed that he would: "Thief/Dromed is hard to get out of your blood." Whatever he chose, I hope he enjoyed his time doing it.

    Rest in peace Bryan, and well wishes to his family and friends.

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    These are very sad news. Nigel's Hidden Treasure and Augustine's Revenge are definitely one of my favourite Thief Gold FMs. I've only had a few short exchanges with BBB, but he has always seemed like a friendly and very creative person with unique ideas for his FMs. I can also add that my repeated playthroughs of BBB's creations have given me significant inspiration for my published works of poetry. I hope that his legacy will live for many years to come. Rest in Peace, Bryan.

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    That's really sad information. Nigel's Hidden Treasure and Three Crowns are one of my favorites. Also other missions were really enjoyable to play with lots of loot to gather. Rest in peace, bbb.

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    Oh my, this is terrible news. I have exchanged numerous emails with Bryan over the years and he even sent me some of the music which he enjoyed recording once he was retired. His missions are classics and I know he will be sorely missed in this community. Sending prayers to his family.

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    Registered: Oct 2012
    Such sad news, Bryan was a giant in this community and will be sorely missed by everybody.

    Rest in Peace taffer.

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    Terrible news.

    Rest in peace, bbb.

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    I am really sorry to learn this. bbb's missions have always been a treat to play. His approach to building was really free-hand, low on detail but essential. Few people, if any, have approximated the natural flow and whimsy of his levels. There was always more to explore and more things to find, with locales on the way that could have made mini-missions of their own. A wonderful mind. He was also very humble about himself, very matter-of-fact.

    Rest in peace, he will be missed!

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    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Lille, France
    RIP bbb.

    Posthumous thanks for your FMs.

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    Registered: May 2005
    Location: France
    Rest in Peace, Bryan.

    I remember chatting about music with him. Very nice guy. He will be missed.

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    Registered: Oct 2012
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    Oh, this is terrible news. Like so many of us taffers here, I loved bbb's FMs and he is one of my favourite authors. He also came across as a stand-up nice guy. Sending heartfelt condolences to Lisa and his family. Rest in peace bbb, you mighty fine taffer.

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    I'm afraid "bbb" stands for "Bye, bye, Bryan" now.

    If you can't laugh about this, then it's completely right.

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    Rest in peace

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    Very sad news and condolences to Bryan's family, he'll be greatly missed around here.

    I've always enjoyed BBB's FMs, will fire one up later for sure.

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    I came here thinking I'd have to start this thread and was glad to see that ffox beat me to it. I regarded Bryan as a friend as well, having tested all his FMs and exchanged emails with him many times over the years. He was a talented mission designer and musician as well as an overall kind, patient and wonderful person. I have never tested for anyone who was easier to work with. My sincerest condolences to his family.

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    Rest in peace, Bryan. You will always be in our hearts.

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    Registered: Feb 2020
    I too want to leave my condolences.

    Good Journey.

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    Wow, this is quite a blow to the community. bbb's missions are just plain fun, and he proved to all that you don't have to be programmer or even work in IT or a technical field to create Thief missions (he was an accountant). I (somewhat) recently helped him beta test Hammer Skull, and we were able to iron out a few issues to get it released. He was great to work with and so easy going. He will be sorely missed.

    I did a little bit of Internet sleuthing, and I believe this is him (photo included): He was 71.

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    Registered: Apr 2011
    Location: Montpellier, France
    I don't think I could say anything about bbb more eloquently than Dirk and Melan. His missions were always a treat to play and while they were not the most visually impressive, they simply oozed with character and always took the player on a long journey with many twists and turns that were consistently engaging. His passing is a big loss.

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    Condolences to Bryan's family and friends. Godspeed, sir. Three Crowns is one of those missions I've been playing every year since it came out and tonight will be with a heavy heart.

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    Location: Wild and Wooly West of Ireland
    Very sad news indeed. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
    You really did need that big cup of coffee while tackling one of bbb's missions.
    Cheers Bryan!

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    From bbb's missions I've played only Short Night's Work and The Hammer Skull. I liked them both greatly. Rest in peace bbb!

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    A very big loss to this community !! My heart goes out to his family and friends. You will be missed bbb loved your missions!!

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