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Thread: Alpha release: Blender .MIS importer

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    Registered: Apr 2011

    Alpha release: Blender .MIS importer

    The v0.0.1 alpha release of my Blender .MIS importer is now available:

    You will need Blender 2.90 or later. Please read the README for instructions on use and installation.

    The two core features of importing a .MIS with textures and lightmaps, and baking the imported geometry to a single mesh with full texture+lightmap resolution are functional. But this is still very much a work in progress, so please expect bugs, missing features and capabilities, cryptic error messages, and weird half-broken debug settings.

    For the present, please post any feedback or bug reports in this thread. Thank you.

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    Registered: Sep 2013
    ## Installing:

    1. Download the code as a zip from github.

    2. In Blender, go to `Edit > Preferences > Addons`. Click `Install...` and select the zip file. Make sure the checkbox beside the addon is ticked.
    Nope. After installation, I get this in the console when I try to enable the addon:

    addon not found: 'thieftools'
    Restarting Blender (2.93) doesn't help, and neither does renaming the directory of the addon.

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    Registered: Apr 2011
    facepalm. i had somehow forgotten to commit one of the .py files, and apparently not noticed that for days on end. fixed that now.

    please re-download and try again. (also this time i have actually gone through the install steps myself, as i always should have done )

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    Registered: Sep 2013

    It works now.
    The meter goes above 100% during the loading and then drops back to 100%. It's like a Russian election!
    The resulting mesh is quite tidy.
    I hadn't unpacked the textures, so I got the "MISSING" material in all of the slots. May I suggest creating a material called "MISSING: " + texture_name for each missing texture instead of sharing a single "MISSING" material?

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    Registered: Apr 2011
    the 200% is because the addon is a perfectionist, 100% simply isnt good enough! (in actuality, theres something about how the progress indicator api works that i havent got the hang of yet.)

    whether you get a tidy mesh or not out the other end is entirely due to what dromeds portalize/optimize produces. usually theres duplicate vertices, and unnecessary polygon splits.

    (for situations where you need a cleaner mesh, you would have to do a geometry cleanup on a duplicate of the mesh and unwrap its uvs and then use blenders render/bake to transfer the texture info. this will produce a cleaner/better performing model, but would no longer be a 100% match for the original texturing and lightmapping. for many uses, of course, you dont need that 100% match.)

    one material per texture even if the image is missing is a good idea. would then allow me to unify both the "this texture cant be found" and "i cant load this type of texture" (e.g. dds) cases, and the user could then manually fix up the affected materials.

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    Registered: Sep 2013
    ## TODO: '.dds' should come first (per newdark priorities), but i cant
    ## load them yet.
    Why not? Blender loads them just fine.

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    Registered: Sep 2013
    Just checked:"/path/to/")
    DDS loaded, no surprises.

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    Registered: Apr 2011
    oh thats handy! it doesnt appear to be documented anywhere that it supports it—it certainly wasnt listed in the list of file formats in the Image class—so i didnt even think to try it. hooray, one important capability i was dreading implementing just got easier!

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    Registered: Sep 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by vfig View Post
    it certainly wasnt listed in the list of file formats in the Image class
    That list contains the formats it can save.

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    Registered: Apr 2011
    yes, thats right. but i cant find any list of which formats it can read, and no mention at all of dds files, so that was the best information i had to go on.

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