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Thread: Make your own AI-generated art

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue View Post
    That Seinfeld bit is pretty coherent.

    Anyway, no one has really posted good art here because they're either still using a weak system or aren't using a good one well. If you want to see the state of the art, check out the Midjourney and Stable Diffusion Discord pages.
    I don't know how people are coming up with photorealistic images on Midjourney. I've been trying out the new version with all kinds of extra prompts and my stuff still looks mediocre

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    I can't get over this ChatGPT.

    Prompt I made up: The Karmolians are a surrealist society of hyperdimensional beings. Write a script for their initiation ritual


    The Karmolians are a surrealist society of hyperdimensional beings who value creativity and individuality above all else. As such, their initiation rituals are designed to challenge and inspire new members, helping them to unlock their full potential and become true members of the Karmolian community.

    The initiation ritual begins at dawn, when the initiates are gathered together in a sacred chamber deep within the heart of the Karmolian city. The chamber is filled with strange, otherworldly artifacts and sculptures, which seem to shift and change form as the initiates watch.

    As the initiates stand in awe, the leader of the Karmolians enters the chamber, carrying a glowing crystal in her hand. She approaches each initiate in turn, placing the crystal on their forehead and speaking a sacred incantation.

    As she speaks, the initiates begin to feel a strange energy coursing through their bodies, as if the crystal is unlocking hidden powers within them. They feel their senses heighten, and their perception of reality shifts, allowing them to see into other dimensions and experience the world in new and fascinating ways.

    With the incantation complete, the leader declares the initiates to be true members of the Karmolian society, and they are welcomed with cheers and applause from the other members. The initiates are then led on a tour of the city, where they are shown the incredible feats of creativity and artistry that the Karmolians are capable of.

    Throughout their journey, the initiates are encouraged to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of their own creativity. They are given the freedom to explore and experiment, and to discover their own unique talents and abilities.

    As they complete the initiation ritual, the initiates are filled with a sense of excitement and possibility, ready to embark on their journey as true members of the Karmolian society.

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