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Thread: T2 FM - Ravensreach (Jan 2022)

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    T2 FM - Ravensreach (Jan 2022)

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope you're ready to kick off 2022 with a new Thief 2 mission:

    Ravensreach is a lo-fi dungeon crawl through a snow-swept mountain fortress in search of an abominable tome of blood magic.

    On the trail of the previous band of adventurers to have dared the castle, you will find yourself facing creepy new enemies and exploring labyrinthine, dark tunnels.

    With chunky polygons and crisp pixels, with this level I've tried to evoke the strange surrealism of the original Thief: The Dark Project and its contemporaries.

    There's a chill in the air. Dark deeds await...


    Google Drive:
    The Keep of Metal and Gold:
    Taffer's Paradise:

    Mirrors are welcome.


    - This mission contains a lot of spiders and spider-related shenanigans. Arachnophobes be warned!
    - This mission has been deliberately designed to be lo-fi in style. It is highly recommended to disable all mods and texture packs so as not to clash with the intended experience.
    - I have disabled texture filtering by default. If your eyes can't handle the crisp pixelly look, you can disable this by opening fm.cfg and putting a ; in front of the line that says: tex_filter_mode 0
    - Requires New Dark version 1.27 or higher.
    - New mantle should be turned ON. It should be set automatically by fm.cfg but if you get stuck somewhere, it's worth checking this setting in your cam_ext.cfg.
    - You can probably climb where you're not supposed to if you really try.
    - Sometimes the AIs can get stuck here and there, particularly if they've been fighting each other.
    - If you encounter any completely invisible (rather than partially visible and shimmery) enemies, ensure that use_d3d_display and d3d_disp_enable_distortionfx are enabled in cam_ext.cfg
    - The mission is currently English-only; if you're interested in translating, please drop me a message.
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    Congratulations! Looks like a level that I am going to enjoy, so thank you very much for your hard work and effort. Downloading now (I'm here before downwinder :P).

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    WOOT!!! Thanks, nicked, and Happy New Year!

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    What a fabulous way to start the new year, a new mission by Nicked. Congratulations on the release, Ill certainly enjoy this one.

    PS. 2 Holy Water vials in the load out screen always makes me nervous.
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    Well, ain't that the best taffing start to a new year! A new FM! So excited. Thanks nicked. I am diving right in there.
    Happy New Year everyone.

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    Looks like the bugbeast threat worked. I have to remember that one.

    Looking forward to playing it!

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    Congratulations! Thank you!!!

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    Just downloaded Can't wait to play.

    Thank you!!

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    Thanks for the gift, buddy!

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    Getting it now. Thanks a bunch!

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    Wow, what a surprise! I was just short of new missions to play and this one looks great to fill the cold night.

    Many thanks!!

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    Wow! 2022 has only just started and we already get our first T2 FM of the year! Thanks nicked!

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    thx what a start of the new year

    how can i get inside the castle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by radogoal View Post
    how can i get inside the castle?
    see if you can find a way to open the front gate. hint: maybe climbing higher will let you see something useful. or, take a look at the X marks on your map that could be helpful.

    remember you can lean!
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    I've got Air, Water, and Earth runes. I'd appreciate a small tip on how to get into the library.

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    Aemanyl: have you been to the part of the underground that has a skull with purple glowy eyes and purple forcefields?
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    Really enjoyed that, but need to go back as I missed a fair bit due to completely making a hash of stealth and ending up being chased around by mushroom beasts and five million spiders. Most of the last 1/4 hour was running away from things and locking them in. Did manage to get the really big spider angry - it chased me all over the map on-and-off until it decided to surprise me in the room with the big fire trap, which did not end well for it.

    Are there any other settings to fiddle with the distortion effect? It looked a bit odd as the distortion was still visible through objects that partially blocked them, which was a bit disorienting.

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    well - the arachnophobe warning in the readme is true to its motto - dang that's a lot of eight-legged monsters! - i'm about two hours into the level and about half-way to the expert loot recquirements - I've had loads of first alerts but normal ghost looks achievable.

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    You know it's bad when the spiders aren't even the most horrific/disgusting creature in the mission. Finished the main goals in 3 hours 9 minutes...missing 190 loot still, might try again tomorrow.

    Very creepy and fun, thank you nicked.

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    Thank you Skacky. And thank you nicked too. Great level. Was the mission partially inspired by Broadsword of Sheol and Bloodstone Prison?

    A small tip for those who are at the end of the level and may not know how to find the alternative exit:
    Go to the topmost floor of the spider area. The room you are looking for is a shrine with skulls and spider mosaic on the floor. Get the key from the ledge. Go back to the library ground floor. Open the grey metal door.

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    It seems that another key to that door also appears in the fungus/mushroom area. In the room that looks like a kitchen.

    It might be randomized.
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    Thank you Santa Claus!!!!!
    I love your missions!!!
    Have a very happy and healthy new year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RippedPhreak View Post
    It seems that another key to that door also appears in the fungus/mushroom area. In the room that looks like a kitchen.

    It might be randomized.
    It is, just make sure to read the notes left by the front gate controls carefully to discern where it is.

    There's also a super super secret way to leave the mission if you are good enough to find it.

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    Awesome and thanks Nicked!!! What a great way to start the new year! Happy New Year taffers!

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    There's also a super super secret way to leave the mission if you are good enough to find it.

    I see it now. Requires a bit of acrobatics.

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