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Thread: What are you playing? (2022 Edition)

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    El Shagmeister
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    FINALLY, finished my first from-start-to-finish playthrough with Teardown, spread over several sessions across several weeks. was fun, but I am glad it's done. Thanks, henke, for gushing over this game in GenGaming, that's how I found out about it and got me curious enough to check it out when it came out from Early Access. Good times all throughout!

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Having torn myself away from Vampire Survivors on my Steam Deck, I'm now back to playing Streets of Rogue on it, which is still absolutely fantastic.
    I've also recently installed Heat Signature on my Deck, as I suspect that'll play really well on it.

    I've kinda given up on Elden Ring for the time being, finally being worn down by losing a level's worth of runes one too many times. I'm at the gargoyles, and there's no player summons around to help me with, and I just... can't be arsed anymore.
    There's a lot to like about the game, but it is still very noticeably just another iteration on Demon's Souls. Hell, I even ran across basilisks from Dark Souls.

    I have bought Hand of Merlin and Amazing Cultivation Simulator recently, but both have bugs that prevent me from playing them.

    Hand of Merlin insists on starting up on my second monitor, and doesn't let me change which monitor I'm using once launched.

    Amazing Cultivation Simulator, as with all these Dwarf Fortress / Rimworld clones, seems to be very dependent on keyboard controls and the mousewheel, so it's a shame they don't actually work.

    I mean, I can't rule out it being down to me running the games through Proton on Linux, but almost everything else works fine. The Hand of Merlin dev at the very least acknowledged my report on the Steam forums, so there's hope yet

    Seeing Thirith's just played Arkham Knight, I might install that. Origins put me off of the Batman games a bit, but that wasn't Rocksteady.

    I've also recently reinstalled Mad Max, which surprisingly, has a native Linux version, but I haven't fired it up yet.

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    Glad you liked Teardown, Ducky! I still haven't played the full release. Malf, that's a lot of games!

    I've been playing How I Learned To Skate that came out last Friday:

    The controls are really unique and fun and the sensation of gliding on the ice is wonderful. A really one-of-a-kind game. Sadly it's also just too damn hard. I made it about 1,5h in before getting stuck on a section where you gotta control 2 characters at a time AND the controls are inverted for one of the characters AND there is intermittent scenery getting in the way of one character so you can't see what they're doing AND if you fail you get set back to the previous checkpoint. Yeah, not the current checkpoint, the PREVIOUS ONE! Needless to say once you start messing up it's easy for it to just snowball and pretty soon you're back at square one.

    Also been playing Hidden Deep, sidescrolling physics-heavy underground exploration thingy with strong Aliens vibes. It's a lot of fun but also kinda janky in it's current EA form and the objectives and systems are obtuse enough that I've needed a walkthrough on several occasions.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post
    Malf, that's a lot of games!
    There's a lot in there that are games I've played before, but am currently using as filler.
    There's nothing on the horizon apart from the Steam release of Dwarf Fortress that's really got me excited, so I'm flailing around a bit playing things I've either played before, or that have been sat in my library for a while guilt-tripping me.

    I did actually start another colony in RImworld last night, as I'm hungering for something management-sim shaped, and Oxygen Not Included, while great, is too clever for me.
    There's been a lot of stuff added to ONI recently, but I'm never likely to see it as I struggle to keep all my plates spinning even at early-to-mid game.

    And the one constant I neglected to mention is Guild Wars 2, although that's taking a back-seat to other things recently. It's still got it's claws deep enough in to me that I log in every day to do my "dailies".
    The latest expansion, End of Dragons, left me cold and was noticeably developed by a team that had been downsized, with the only ones remaining being those who aren't as familiar with the franchise.
    Still, of all the MMOs out there, this is the one I come back to, as the combat is still really fun compared to others.

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    I think Rimworld is one of the best for that genre in terms of having fun with it. Good pacing. You get invested in your colony. Good for telling a story. It's a tricky balance because if one of these games gets too micromanage-y or the stakes get too high like in Dwarf Fortress, that can be a rush, but it's almost too much and I won't want to go back to it. But I usually always feel good starting a new colony in Rimworld.

    The deep sim I got the deepest into was Caves of Qud, but that's really just a single player cRPG / Roguelike at heart with an open world to explore, not a colony game. But the depth and breadth of all these different systems running on top of each other is really interesting, and intense in bite sizes in the right way for a roguelike (where each move is life or death until you get yourself out, but you pick it up over time).

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Oddly, I find that if you don't mod for it or carefully plan the difficulty at the start of a game, Rimworld can often escalate faster than Dwarf Fortress. The thing that usually ends up killing my fortresses is framerate death.
    I'm really hoping that the Steam release does something to address this, as a lot of interesting systems don't start running in Dwarf Fortress until you reach a certain population level, by which time the fps is starting to tank.
    And it could be dangerous for the game on Steam if Toady doesn't address these issues, as I can see a lot of negative reviews claiming it's unplayable due to the framerate.

    But I know it's not an easy problem to solve, as the complexity of the simulation is both the main draw of the game and what drags the framerate down.
    Rimworld does scratch a lot of the same itches that DF does, but I inevitably lose interest when I realise there's no way for me to make interesting devices like in DF.
    And the lack of Z levels also restricts player expression when building structures.

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