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Thread: The Clock Tower Fan Site is officially live

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    The Clock Tower Fan Site is officially live

    Greetings taffers. Back in 2020 I came up with the idea to create the Clock Tower, a modern and mobile-friendly hub for all things Thief. Since then it's been a slow process; I was working with an old coworker to build the site and progress was intermittent at best. But over time I continued to add to and expand the site and here we are in 2022 with its official launch.

    I want to be upfront about the majority of the site's pages and content: they're very much works-in-progress. The text that is there is mostly borrowed with permission from the Dark Wiki, but is easily augmented or replaced with more polished writing. I intend to build out the Series section over time with Characters, Factions, Enemies, and Locations. I also want to collect, catalog, and upload things like manuals, official concept art, desktop wallpapers, and more. In addition to content, the site's framework is still a little rough around the edges and will continue to be iterated on.

    It's going to continue to be a lot of work, and I want to encourage any of you that are passionate about Thief to message me here if you'd like to contribute. For a rough idea of what's needed, check out this sitemap.

    Aside from the internal pages, this site is also intended to centralize a lot of links to older Thief fan sites (The Circle), new fan missions (Thief Guild, Shadowdark Keep), popular game mods (The Dark Mod, T2X Expansion), the community Discord server, and more.

    Thanks to everyone that made the site possible, especially Jeff, fett, and ehcmier. And as always, happy Thieving!
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    good luck wispmage,sounds amazing

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    What an awesome resource, thank you for this and congrats!

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    Cool site, a new take, that sort of thing is always welcome!
    The Keep for Thief 1 and 2 FMs, Shadowdark for Thief 3 and Dark Mod FMs

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    Nice Site. Have it saved in favorites. Also just so you know i did find one error. In fan mission loaders angeloader is used for thief deadly shadows as well. Not that you need to post it as not thief related but its good for system shock 2 missions as well. Keep up the excellent work as I can't wait to see more.

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    i wanted to mention you forgot to add "downwind thieves guild" in factions

    and slow down the quote's from rotating so fast,maybe 30 seconds per quote so people can take there time with reading them,or better yet make a page with all thief quotes,would be nice

    also cant wait to see when you complete character list,i am guessing you will add all npc's with models and names? will be nice to see basso/farkus/etc

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    Awesome! It looks really cool. Bookmarking now

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    Nice site bookmarking now in my favourites

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