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Thread: Thief Metal Age CoOp?

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    Thief Metal Age CoOp?

    So I was watching "The rise and fall of Thief" and I heard something about a CooP experience for T2, can that be true? I don't believe what I hear!! If so, where do I find it, maybe a tutorial to get it started? I keep telling my brother that it'd be perfect for him since he never liked the supernatural aspect of the first game, but if we could play it together, that'd be awesome.

    Funny fact, somewhere on this site, there is an account of mine, 15 years old, and it has a picture of teenage me with a black hood and a sword. XD No way to recover password. I can't even recall the e'mail I used.

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    Short answer, its not worth it. Sorry if anyone feels differently. It's glitchy, the loot count I wasn't thrilled with, my partner would disappear sometimes. We played it for such a short amount of time, we tried to like it. We made some adjustments, didn't help, and said nope.
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    I played TMA coop and I had a lot of fun, although there are FMs that are a lot better and more fun with it than the OMs, which weren't really made with coop in mind in the way a lot of FMs inadvertently are. It is a bit glitchy, and you might need to have the right partner. It can be fun when you split up and take a mission from different directions, but you can deal with each others' fallout.

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    I will attempt then, next time my brother's in town. Both him and I love this lvls and he disliked the supernatural aspect of the first thief, so i keep telling him the second thief would be great for him.
    Any idea where I can download it or install it?

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    Hello. Sorry for the delay replying to this. The original download link is down.
    But I found it at another place:

    I haven't tested this, but the filename is correct, and I can't imagine anybody make a bunk download for this of all things. But you know caveat emptor.

    Here's the thread on it, or maybe this one, if you need some guidance with working it. I'm not sure if the author or people on the forum are going to respond to questions. Oh, also note, as far as I know this doesn't work with New Dark. So you'd have to run it on vanilla T2. But I haven't been following New Dark that closely for a while, so that could have changed, but I don't know.

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