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Thread: Wordle and wordlealikes

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    Wordle and wordlealikes

    I have caught the Wordle bug, folks! I also caught the Framed bug, and then I caught the Waffle bug! Then I watched this video and caught MANY MANY MORE BUGGGSSSSS

    So yeah these one-a-day puzzles have become a steady part of my morning routine.

    Wordle - guess a word! I have guessed 122 words, not to brag or anything. I just know a lot of words, that's all.

    Waffle - guess 6 words! More gamey than Wordle, and also usually faster. It's nice.

    For the film buffs:

    Framed - guess the movie based on increasingly recognizable stills. This one is very good.

    Moviedle - bad name, decent game. An entire movie is compressed into 1 second, can you still identify it? If not you get a 2sec version, then 3sec, etc. It's fine.

    Box Office Game - easily the most elaborate one of these. Guess the top 5 movies at the American box office for a given date. You can unlock taglines, actors, genre, etc, but this reduces your final score. Some movies are tough because sometimes it's some real stinker that only snuck into the box office for like a week and then promptly got forgotten by the world after that. It's fun, but also takes a bit too long for my liking, not sure I'll keep playing it.


    Heardle - you guys like MUSIC? Guess the song based on the first 1 second, then 2 sec, then 4 sec, etc. This one's alright, but unlike Framed where you still might be able to guess a movie even if you haven't seen it thanks to cultural osmosis, it's really a matter of "have I heard this song or not?"

    You folks play any of these? Are there any other really good ones you'd like to recommend?

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    My wife and me, we play Wordle, Wörtl (a German version) and, in my wife’s case, Ordlig, the Swedish Wordle each evening, followed by Octordle, the eight-word version. I occasionally check out, but not on a regular basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henke View Post

    Heardle - you guys like MUSIC?
    I play Heardle (it's tough!) and its little sisters 80's Heardle and 90's Heardle. Whoever is responsible for the 90's song selections doesn't seem to like the same artists that I listened to back then though. 80's Heardle seems a bit easier as the songs are often somewhat bigger hits. (and sometimes they're songs that I've never heard in my life)
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    I only play Wordle and Quordle (four at once). More than that and it would seem a chore.

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    I think these things are great when you're able to play against someone else and compare notes. Wordle / Quordle and Octordle are the basics for my wife and I - the simplest principles but enough to test your vocabulary and get frustrated if you miss something obvious that the other person got quickly.

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    There are two math versions I know, Nerdle and Numberle.
    I've just played Nerdle, but just looking at Numberle, it looks like the exact same game.
    They seem somehow more logical. Or anyway, it's a different kind of puzzle solving skill.

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    80's Heardle is nice, thanks for the recc, Tomi! Got today's in 11 seconds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith View Post
    in my wife’s case, Ordlig, the Swedish Wordle each evening
    I tried the Swedish clones at some point too, but didn't like the way Ordlig deletes the word if it's not a real word. plays better imo.


    Did pretty good today!

    Wordle - 3 lines
    Framed - 1 frame
    Heardle - 4 seconds
    Moviedle - 1 second
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    I've been playing Wordle since it landed on the NYT (that and Spellling Bee are my daily breakfast game). Then, for the last few days, I've also been writing a microstory (400 char max) with the word of the day in it. I'll compile them at some point. It's a fun game!

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    Wordle and Quordle are my usuals.

    As a one-time special, I played (and won) a game of 64-dle, where you have 70 guesses to get 64 simultaneous wordles. Not doing that again, but I can recommend trying it at least once!

    #SexagintaQuattuordle 67/70

    I do Framed regularly, but mostly I've not seen the film, so it doesn't go well :)

    For the geography buffs, there's also Worldle and Globle.

    And obviously Heardle 80s > Heardle.
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    Someone sent me a link to Heardle yesterday. Got it in 1 second baby. I guess that year of playing SongPop is paying off.

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    Hey I found A VIDEOGAMES ONE. Guess 5 screenshots under a common "theme of the day". It is ok.

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    I've got six of them which I play, but most of them have been mentioned already (Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Nerdle, Worldle.
    The one that hasn't been mentioned is Canuckle, which a Canadian friend suggested to me, and... why not?

    I've also tried:
    • Dordle - two Wordles at a time - gave up on it in the end because the interface is a bit annoying on a phone and it doesn't support being turned into a "browser app"
    • Semantle - guess a word based on semantic similarity - really hard, and takes ages - it took me around 100 guesses each time I tried it)
    • Absurdle - malicious Wordle, it changes the word it's thinking of to always give you the worst possible score without contradicting any previous guesses. It's fun to try once or twice, but since it works the same every day, it gets boring fast.
    • Lewdle - lewd words only - which I found highly irritating because it won't let you guess normal words at all, plus it's mostly made-up words from Urban Dictionary, but hey, someone might like it)

    I also tried the aforementioned Framed (was terrible at it) and Waffle (seemed a bit complex/long-winded to me.)

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