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Thread: Embarassing request sorry :D

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    Embarassing request sorry :D

    Hey so,
    sorry for this but
    I've been having rather frightening episodes of amnesia lately, and……I did not intend on registering as my real name here…not that I don't want people to know who I am—I welcome it in fact—it's just that I intended on registering with the name MriyaMachine, and because of my amnesia, I don't remember registering with my real name, which is NOT the username I desire on TTLG. I would like my name changed to MriyaMachine, please. Can you do that pls? Since I'm brand new? ;} Not make that mistake again?


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    Here's the thing.

    We're pretty laid back as far as moderation goes. We get accused of being too lenient more often than being too strict in general. Registering multiple accounts is against the forum rules and for good reason - someone comes in, makes a complete mess of things and then gets banned. Comes back under a different name, repeats behaviour, banned. Pain in the neck and disrupts otherwise good discussions and / or discourages people from posting.

    However, we're also a forum of over 20 years existence. People grow up in that time and some mature. They're not the same person they were 15 years ago and have made life changes or just gained perspective. They come back and you don't even know that they're the same person.

    Others need to just step away and leave things be.

    No, I can't change your username to "MriyaMachine" for good reason. That account exists. You created it.

    I don't know if your amnesia is medical or substance related but in either case I'm sorry but you need help, and not from here. As others have pointed out this isn't your first, second, third or even fourth account.

    My recommendation is to stop posting in this account. Contact me by PM if you're struggling. Otherwise your username will be in red.

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    My god. You're absolutely right. Now I'm super embarassed. And I thought I tried logging in under this name and it failed. Things have been hellishly rough lately. My amnesia is both medical and substance related, but I've gotten rid of the substance that was obviously the main culprit. I've just recently started having seizures and other blackout incidents, and all involved one drug in particular (now gone), but I'm also going in to see a neurologist about this because it probably doesn't help that I took two big blows to the head back in 2017 (my dad talks about how my short-term memory has be significantly diminished since that happened).

    Again I'm like, embarassed. This isn't the way it was supposed to happen obv. And as far as having potentially four accounts nowÂ… well I've been losing access to email addresses and all that for a good while now. I'm really sorry that this is something you have to deal with AI_B, and I'm going to be using this account from now on. I have it in my password manager store, I have a file that keeps track of all account info now, and I thank you for your grace and understanding as to the mess I've left.

    If you want to delete the Mark_Randall_Eminger account, please by all means. Or maybe that's something you don't do. Either way, this is the ONE account I will be posting from from now on, and just, I appreciate your patience with me. Things have gone screwy in unexpected ways in my life so much lately, but I have a nightmare behind me now. No legal trouble, I have a job full of people I love, and I'm in the right place. I'm honored to once again be able to be involved in these forums and I'm going to use this as a chance to grow stronger and smarter about things. Thank you AI_B. I'm back and I'm better now.

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    Location: Athens of the North
    Sorry to hear about your troubles and hope you can take things in a positive direction - sounds like you've made a start, hope it's a good foundation for the future.

    I've deleted the incorrect account - this will prevent you logging into it by mistake and sets the few posts made to guest.

    I'm going to close this thread now that the account situation is sorted.

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