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Thread: Dave (fett) update

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    Dave (fett) update

    Hello all, I'm very sorry to bring you this news, but Dave passed away yesterday from complications of Covid. He'd been recovering from a second heart transplant when he got it, and his body had just worn out.
    Dave was like a brother to me, as he was to many folks, and this news is awful, but I know he fought valiantly. Rest in piece, taffer.

    P.S. His family's GoFundMe is still available:
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    I am so sorry to hear that. He was such a big part of the forum and people's lives here that he will be missed dearly.

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    El Pato
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    I suppose this wasn't a big surprise really, but still it always kind of is (for me at least) - especially in fett's case, when he seemed to be able to beat everything that life threw against him. But not this time, not anymore. What a man. We've lost a real TTLG legend. I never knew him personally, but in here he always came across as friendly and most of all reasonable. Thanks for sharing a big part of your life with us, Dave. You and your sense of humour will be missed.

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    Effin' Covid.

    Rest in peace, Dave/fett.

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    Very very sorry to hear this. It felt like he would keep beating the odds. I am going to miss him.

    All the love in the world to his family and friends. He was a hell of a guy.

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    A role model of life and strength. You won't be forgotten easily.

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    Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear this. I was quite fond of Fett.
    Rest in peace, sir.

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    Just devestating to hear. One of the most valued members of the TTLG diaspora, one of the most kind-hearted and inclusive people I knew.

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    RIP fett. Your resilience in the face of so many odds will always be an inspiration. I’ll miss you man

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    I saw the Facebook Nuthaus notification earlier this afternoon while I was out. Usually I would check it, but this time I didn't until I got home, because I was afraid that it would be this. Rest in peace, Fett.

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    Very sad news. My condolences to his family and friends.

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    I had a dream about him last night, like he was going to be okay.
    But he's free from the struggle now.

    I had some great talks with him over the years, and he was a good friend, like for a lot of us here.

    I mentioned before how important he was to me, reassuring me and walking me through what was going on when I was having heart issues and felt ignored by everyone else.

    He had done as much as any person could to try to do this life thing right ... He had really thought about and struggled over his worldview, what's good and right and true in the world, what's good and right and true in music XD ... He knew deeply about people in real pain or really lost, and he practiced compassion in the trenches. He was funny. He was thoughtful. He was creative. Some of his most creative work he made right here in our community and we were fortunate to have him.

    He taught me how to be a better human.
    There's no better epitaph one could have than that.
    RIP Dave. <3

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    I am so, so very sorry to hear this. Dave was like a brother to many of us and he is already missed. My heartfelt sympathies go out to his family.

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    I didn't want to open this thread but I had to.

    I am so sad to hear this, for all of us but especially for his family.

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    I was afraid of this when he said he was tired. He was never tired even after all he had been through. We lost a good man. I don't need to tell anyone that. There is no better thing that one can be in a harsh world than kind and he was that. I'll miss him.

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    Rest in Peace, fett. One of those people who have been here forever, and you would think they would also be here forever. He will be missed.

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    I was never not amazed by his sheer strength and determination in the face of everything he'd been through. He was one of those people I could look upon and only marvel at not just because of their tenacity and sheer force of will, but because they were able to be funny, creative, generous, and kind even after everything life had dealt them.

    There's so much wisdom in his stories, and so much joy in who he was as a human being. While I'm relatively new compared to the rest of the kru and didn't get to talk to him as much in the time he was active, I'm happy to have shot the shit with him here and shared in all the dumb laughs we had. He's part of what made this place special to me, and he will be missed.

    You fought the good fight. Rest in peace, Dave. <3

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    There are no words

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    I can't say anything half as eloquent as Sulph or Dema or anyone else here. This sucks. I'll miss him. RIP, fett.

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    I was hoping this was a good update, I dreaded coming in here. Oh Dave, you fought hard. I'm so sorry. You will be missed dearly. We love you Dave, so glad we got to meet. To his family, may he rest finally in peace.

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    Location: CT, USA
    My condolences to Dave's family and the TTLG community.

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    Location: Edmonton
    I didn't know fett as well as some, but he was a pillar of this community, and his attitude in the face of adversity was nothing less than inspiring. Here's hoping there's no Nick Cave wherever you are now, fett.

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    Registered: May 2004
    I didn't know him nearly as well as many of you, but I still loved him.

    He expressed an unusual wisdom, and had an uncanny way of putting words to ideas that made me remember those ideas. I've quoted things he's written here to people in my life.

    He exercised a rare blend of passion and humility in his worldview, and I feel confident the world is better because he existed.

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    Rest easy, Dave. Thanks for all you've done.

    All the best to Dave's family. He was awesome.

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