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Thread: Dialogue audio restoration for Thief

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    Dialogue audio restoration for Thief

    Hello taffers, since this is my first post I apologize if I make any mistakes. There is the Thief Mods and Utilities board, but it seems that it is dedicated to finished mods.

    Recently I saw this video of a Half Life mod where each sound in the game was "upscaled" using a tool called iZotope RX, which is very good at restoring compressed audio files back to how they originally sounded.

    I was very impressed with the results for the NPC dialogues and started wondering whether something similar for Thief would be possible. Of course, Garrett's voice lines sound perfect the way they are, however the guard conversations have a very small amount of compression artifact that is not that easy to notice for most, but on repeated playtroughs you start to notice it more (you can even notice it in the "I'm going to the bear pits tomorrow" conversation), and I am curious if it would be possible to make them sound even better. The only NPCs I can recall that has really badly compressed audio is The Eye and Brother Murus from Return to the Cathedral, they would benefit a lot from an "audio upscale."

    Again, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I was dying to know whether this would be possible to be done.

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    I'm not an audio expert by any means, but I've enhanced a lot of music files (underground 90's ep's) using Audacity's equalizer. If you get the scales just right, you can make a huge difference in quality

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    Thank you for the interest Azaran. I don't have experience with audio editing but I will try my hand at it, there's a first time for everything. If I manage to make something of worth I will post it here.

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    Ya know what I'd love is restoration of the music tracks in Thief Gold, considering how compressed they all were. What would be especially great is the city ambient tracks in Assassins, always loved those.

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