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Thread: Thief Series Objects

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    Thief Series Objects

    Soooooo I've been wondering something. I really don't know anything about how the objects in the Thief series were made or how any objects are made for this series or other games. Were they made using props or real life objects or are they all made in a graphics program? Movies and TV shows have props left over so that got me wondering if there are any Thief props created for objects.

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    The objects would have been made from scratch as digital 3d models. Some of the textures in the game were derived from photographs, for example window textures.

    These days, real 3d objects can be scanned and imported into games, but that's more likely to be done with pre-existing objects. I think it wouldn't make much sense to create a prop in the real world just to be scanned.

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    That makes sense. But how cool would it be to see precursor mask props in real life like seeing movie props of popular movies?

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