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Thread: Sticky thread clean-up

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    Sticky thread clean-up

    I think some of the forums here need a bit of a spring cleaning. General Gaming for example has a sticky thread where no one has posted regularly since 2013! Also, "TTLG PS4 Recommendations/Opinions"? Surely that's not very relevant anymore. In fact, none of those threads need to be sticky (I'd keep the freebies thread tho), so it might be a good idea to unsticky them and let them sink in the forum oblivion.

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    Fair point - other forums have had their stickies tidied up from time to time but overdue for gen gaming.

    I've kept the freebies, bargain deals and TTLG cooperative threads as at least they get a reasonable amount of traffic and are of general interest. Can always update again if things look like they're getting stagnant there.

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