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Thread: Sent items

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    Sent items


    I can send messages and reply to messages i got, but my 'sent items' is empty and there is no 'thread of messages' underneath messages i reply to.
    My question is where/how can i see my sent messages?


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    Thanks, fortuni!

    For anyone with same question:
    Go to General Settings in left hand column of Main Account Page (middle option of My Account),
    scroll done to Private Messaging,
    then in Sent Private Messages check the circle is empty/white, if itís blue your sent PMs are not saved.

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    That's correct, but also just to note that you can choose to save messages even if that option is off. When creating a message, you can tick the "Save a copy of this message in your Sent Items folder" from the Additional options below the message box. If you are replying to a message then you may need to press the "Go Advanced" button to see it.

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