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Thread: AnimLight radius limit?

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    AnimLight radius limit?

    I have two ElecWallLight (-468) on either side of a yard in my mission. One uses the Light property with a radius of 35 and it works fine. I have an animated light with a radius of 35 on the other side and it falls at about the 21-22 dromed unit distance. I can change the radius to something smaller than 20 and it responds accordingly, but I can't get the radius any larger than 21-22. Even with the radius set to infinity it still stops at the same 21-22 unit radius. The two lights do not overlap and do not cover the same part of the yard.

    Is there actually a limit on the radius of AnimLight lights?

    Edit: Initially both lights were set to a maximum brightness of 75, but when I changed the AnimLight light maximum brightness to 150, the radius was visible at the 35 dromed unit point. I'm not sure why the animated lights need to be set brighter to have the same radii as the non animated lights.
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    This thread is quite illuminating:

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    I forgot about that post, but it was very illuminating. Since I usually set my radii to 20 or less I never had my missions set up where I could notice the behaviour of AnimLight lights. Thanks Robin!
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