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Thread: Missions where you don't play as Garrett

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    Missions where you don't play as Garrett

    Was just curious how many missions there are where you play as somebody other than Garrett. Since they're a great opportunity to break out play styles I don't usually use. These are the ones I think I know about:

    Ranstall Keep
    Curse of the Carnival
    Raid on Washout Central
    Resurgence: The Ancient Crown
    Night's Recourse
    Breaking and Entering
    Fortune and Glory
    Guardhouse 1 and 2
    Stiff Competition
    Trial by Night
    Feast of Pilgrims
    CoSaS 1 and 2

    Any I'm mistaken on? Any I'm missing? You play as a girl named Ryalla in the first 3, right?

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    Thief 2x (Zaya)
    Dracula (you play "Gellert" if I remember right)
    Bathory (you play various characters)
    Coaxing the Spirit ("Ortis")
    Among Two Storms (you swap between playing Garrett and his partner Palmer to progress through the mission)
    Rose Cottage (you play a paranormal investigator)
    Seven Shades of Mercury (a hammerite acolyte named Shivan)
    The Mask of Agamemnon (Lara Croft apparently, though I haven't played it)

    I'm sure there's more if I can go through what I've played and remember.
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    Ahh yes, DERP. Stupid me, forgetting T2X!

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    Actually I guess there's this post here too that lists a bunch -

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    Thief Guild has a category for missions in which Garrett is not the player character.

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    also the mission where you play as a guard and try to stop thieves,and the one where you are a mech servant

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    Very handing category. Thanks. XD

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    This is a great thread nonetheless, nice to see there's more than one list.

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