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Thread: Robocop: Rogue City

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    There is a lot to this movie. Rico isn't simple. He is stoic.
    Sure contradicts how he behaves in class:

    (btw, the teacher here is Michael Ironside AKA Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell)
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    Ah, I remember in the first year or two of Twitter I started a spoof Michael Ironside account, and my buddy had a fake Ray Liotta account. The fun we had.

    Michael Ironside is the best kind of B-list character actor for that kind of fun. (To me he'll always be Richter from Total Recall before anything else though.) I wouldn't even say people love to hate him; he's genuinely liked as the no-nonsense bad guy. What a hero.

    I don't know if my account ever caught on, though, but my buddy had a lot of people taking him as the real Ray for a long time.

    Edit: I guess it's also worth mentioning here that it's literally Michael Ironside's character's subjective effect in the movie Scanners that the very same got his nick, if you didn't already know.

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    Dead or alive, you're coming with me!

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    How have they managed to make a Robocop game that looks so... dull!?

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    Apparently by interpreting RoboCop utterly straight, not even attempting to include any of the satire or over-the-top violence that's what made it memorable in the first place.

    This approach worked for Terminator, which was a pure action movie with nothing deeper to say. But not so much for RoboCop.

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    They certainly captured the "impervious machine slowly walking forward and leisurely mowing down waves of suicidal punks" and "Robocop doing errands for various people and solving cases by slowly walking forward and leisurely scanning stuff" parts of the movie.

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    Bitches, leave.

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    "Bitches leave."

    A declaration, not a command. What do bitches do? Bitches leave.

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    Well, that does indeed look incredibly boring, especially the combat sections.

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