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Thread: anyone with a 4k screen out there..

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    anyone with a 4k screen out there..

    ..willing to do a few quick tests? would like to know/see how (SS2) hud scaling looks on a monitor that can do 4x the base vanilla resolution (640*480) or more (so basically, the vertical pixel count needs to be more than 1920).

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    Here, late reply but I only just saw this. I just installed whatever vanilla release was on GOG. (Been years since I thought about this. IIRC, GOG release comes pre-loaded with NewDark.)

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    that confirms it, once your vertical resolution goes over 1920, scaling 4x will be used for the hud (pixel perfect). so basically, 3440x2160 auto scaled hud (4x) is/looks the same as 1920x1080 auto scaled (2x) and 960x540 unscaled (1x).

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