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Thread: Can't find saves through GOG - tried everything

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    Can't find saves through GOG - tried everything

    I know there's loads of info out there about this already. But I'm completely stumped. Had to reset my laptop the other day after Deadly Shadows bugged out and crashed the aspect ratio (kept all my files but had to reinstall GOG/Steam games). Obviously GOG is shit with saves so all of mine were gone. I've tried searching for where GOG keeps its saves, have adjusted settings so I can see hidden cloud file locations, have read all the info on Sneaky Tweaker which suggests changing the file path and disabling certain mods...nothing. I was in the middle of the Widow Moira's mansion - this sounds stupid but my grandma just passed away, so exploring an old house in mourning was making me feel oddly comforted.

    Would mean the world if someone could help me get my saves back.

    Thank you for reading.

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    IIRC, the GOG version of the game stores savegames in a subfolder of C:\GOG Games - but you've probably looked there? You can try opening a File Explorer in the root of C: and do a search for metadata.ion - a file which is found in every Thief 3 savegame folder.

    If your saves are lost you can get back to the seaside mansion mission by starting over and skipping through the proper missions by pressing Shift+Ctrl+Alt+End at the start of each. (Note that End must be the last key pressed.) You have to play through the City segments, so use those to acquire enough loot to get you back on track. The T3 Gold mod must be enabled for the mission-ending function to work properly.

    Another option is to continue from someone else's save.

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    Thief 3 is a game that was already a bit old when it came to Windows when it was released.
    It did not take advantage of the concept of user profiles.

    The saves are hiding in:
    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Thief - Deadly Shadows

    Not 100% sure but when it came out I vaguely remember having to set it to run on admin mode too.

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