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Thread: Xbox controller not working

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    Registered: Aug 2009

    Xbox controller not working

    So I have this PC-compatible Xbox controller (connected via Bluetooth), and would like to use it to play Thief. I enabled the joystick in the settings, but it's not working. Anything else I need to do?

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    Registered: Sep 2011
    I have been using Xpadder for a while and am very happy, it takes a while to figure it out but it's worth it, mouse and keyboard are meant for spreadsheets

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    Registered: Nov 2000
    Location: Spain
    I'm using an Xpadder configuration for Tempest K12 controller and I'm so happy with analog movement immersiveness and also with the precision in handling. I'm the first surprised because, after almost 25 years, I don't think I'll ever use mouse & keyboard to play Thief anymore. But there is a problem: this configuration doesn't work on Steam. Even I must close Steam application to be able to run the GOG version of Thief.

    My cfg00010.bnd:
    ; Tempest K12
    bind ' +slideon
    bind * next_weapon
    bind + gamma_up
    bind ++alt next_weapon
    bind , main_volume_down
    bind - gamma_down
    bind -+alt prev_weapon
    bind . main_volume_up
    bind / +leanleft
    bind /+alt "render_info 10"
    bind 0+alt show_poly
    bind 0+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 3.25"
    bind 1 "inv_select sword"
    bind 1+alt "game_mode 320,240"
    bind 1+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 1"
    bind 2 "inv_select blackjack"
    bind 2+alt "game_mode 400,300"
    bind 2+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 1.25"
    bind 3 "inv_select broadhead"
    bind 3+alt "game_mode 512,384"
    bind 3+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 1.5"
    bind 4 "inv_select water"
    bind 4+alt "game_mode 640,480"
    bind 4+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 1.75"
    bind 5 "inv_select firearr"
    bind 5+alt "game_mode 800,600"
    bind 5+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 2"
    bind 6 "inv_select eartharrow"
    bind 6+alt show_poly_edges
    bind 6+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 2.25"
    bind 7 "inv_select gasarrow"
    bind 7+alt show_all_edges
    bind 7+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 2.5"
    bind 8 "inv_select ropeyarrow"
    bind 8+alt show_cell
    bind 8+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 2.75"
    bind 9 "inv_select noise"
    bind 9+alt show_mip
    bind 9+alt+ctrl "scale_player_speed 3"
    bind : edit_command
    bind < clear_weapon
    bind = gamma_up
    bind > main_volume_up
    bind ?+alt "render_info 30"
    bind [ zoomoutsome
    bind \ drop_item
    bind ] zoominsome
    bind _ gamma_down
    bind ` clear_weapon
    bind `+alt+shift screen_dump
    bind a +moveleftfast
    bind alt +slideon
    bind b +block
    bind backspace clear_item
    bind c +turnrightfast
    bind ctrl +creepon
    bind d +moverightfast
    bind d+alt+ctrl "dump_cmds cmd.txt"
    bind del lookcenter
    bind down +backfast
    bind e +leanright
    bind e+alt edit_mode
    bind e+shift "+fly -1"
    bind end +leanforward
    bind end+alt+ctrl+shift win_mission
    bind enter +use_item
    bind esc sim_menu
    bind f "inv_select flare"
    bind f+ctrl ai_forget_player
    bind f1 "inv_select healingpotion"
    bind f1+alt mono_debug
    bind f1+alt+ctrl "edit_mode 640,480"
    bind f10 "inv_select mine"
    bind f10+alt screen_dump
    bind f11 "inv_select cameragrenade"
    bind f12 "inv_select compass2"
    bind f2 "inv_select airpotion"
    bind f2+alt+ctrl "edit_mode 800,600"
    bind f3 "inv_select invisipotion"
    bind f3+alt+ctrl "edit_mode 1024,768"
    bind f4 "inv_select slowfall"
    bind f5 "inv_select speedpotion"
    bind f6 "inv_select lockpicksm"
    bind f7 "inv_select lockpicklg"
    bind f8 "inv_select flashbomb"
    bind f8+alt ai_aware_of_player
    bind f9 "inv_select gasmine"
    bind g +lookdown
    bind g+alt game_mode
    bind h clear_item
    bind home "move_game_camera 0.0,0.0,0.0"
    bind ins clear_weapon
    bind joy_axisr +mlook
    bind joy_axisx +joyxaxis
    bind joy_axisy +joyforward
    bind joy_axisz rudderturn
    bind keypad_center +backfast
    bind keypad_del +crouchhold
    bind keypad_down crouch
    bind keypad_end +turnleftfast
    bind keypad_enter +runon
    bind keypad_home +leanleft
    bind keypad_ins +jump
    bind keypad_left +moveleftfast
    bind keypad_minus prev_weapon
    bind keypad_pgdn +turnrightfast
    bind keypad_pgup +leanright
    bind keypad_plus next_weapon
    bind keypad_right +moverightfast
    bind keypad_slash prev_item
    bind keypad_star next_item
    bind keypad_up +walk
    bind l+alt quick_load
    bind left +moveleftfast
    bind m automap
    bind mouse1 +use_weapon
    bind mouse2 +use_item
    bind mouse3 +block
    bind mouse_axisx mturn
    bind mouse_axisy mlook
    bind mouse_wheel next_item
    bind n+alt+shift "patrol_test 2"
    bind o objectives
    bind o+alt+ctrl "rend_name_toggle 23"
    bind o+ctrl lit_obj_toggle
    bind o+ctrl+shift toggle_lighting
    bind o+shift toggle_object_render
    bind p zoomoutfull
    bind p+alt+ctrl physics
    bind p+alt+ctrl+shift fake_physics
    bind p+ctrl "history_cmd -1"
    bind pgdn +lookdown
    bind pgup +lookup
    bind print_screen screen_dump
    bind q +leanleft
    bind q+alt foot_sounds
    bind q+alt+shift ai_draw
    bind q+shift "+fly 1"
    bind r drop_item
    bind r+alt "run .\cmds\editmodeatplr.cmd"
    bind r+alt+shift draw_path_cells
    bind right +moverightfast
    bind s +backfast
    bind s+alt quick_save
    bind s+alt+ctrl+shift stats_full
    bind s+alt+shift show_stats
    bind shift +runon
    bind space +jump
    bind t +lookup
    bind t+alt+ctrl+shift time_stats
    bind t+alt+shift draw_path_cell_links
    bind tab next_item
    bind tab+shift prev_item
    bind u+alt+shift path_test
    bind up +walk
    bind v lookcenter
    bind v+alt+shift dark_version
    bind w +walk
    bind w+alt +leanforward
    bind w+alt+shift +leanforward
    bind x crouch
    bind x+alt+shift quit_game
    bind z +turnleftfast
    bind ~ clear_weapon
    bow_zoom 1
    joystick_enable 1
    mouse_invert 1
    lookspring 0
    freelook 1
    mouse_sensitivity 10.50000000
    mouse_sensitivity_y_scale 4
    mouse_sensitivity_use_aspect 0
    crouch_unmount 1
    joy_rotate 0
    joystick_sensitivity 1
    joystick_deadzone 0.02
    rudder_sensitivity 0.4
    rudder_deadzone 0.02
    mwheel_deadzone 0
    auto_equip 1
    auto_search 0
    goal_notify 1
    climb_touch 0
    and my Xpadder Thief 1 & 2 profile:
    ; Xpadder Profile File
    [Profile Settings]
    [Set Settings]
    Set1Button1Name=Flash Bomb / Lockpick
    Set1Button1Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,F8,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.21s,F6,PAUSE 0.30s
    Set1Button4Slots=Right Mouse Button (2)
    Set1Button5Name=Lean Left
    Set1Button6Name=Lean Right
    Set1Button7Name=Set 2
    Set1Button8Slots=Left Mouse Button (1)
    Set1Button9Name=Map / Objetives
    Set1Button9Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,M,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.21s,O,PAUSE 0.30s
    Set1Button10Name=Menu / Quick Save
    Set1Button10Slots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Escape,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.21s,Alt,S,PAUSE 0.30s
    Set1Button11Name=Lean Forward
    Set1Button12Slots=Middle Mouse Button (3)
    Set1DPadUpName=Next Weapon
    Set1DPadUpSlots=NumPad +
    Set1DPadRightName=Next Item / Hide Item
    Set1DPadRightSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Mouse Wheel Up,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.21s,H,PAUSE 0.30s
    Set1DPadDownName=Previous Item / Drop Item
    Set1DPadDownSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,Mouse Wheel Down,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.21s,R,PAUSE 0.30s
    Set1DPadLeftName=Previous Weapon
    Set1DPadLeftSlots=RELEASE ZONE 0.01s,NumPad -,RELEASE ZONE 0.20s,HOLD ZONE 0.21s,Back-Tick,PAUSE 0.30s
    Set1Stick2UpSlots=Mouse Move Up
    Set1Stick2RightSlots=Mouse Move Right
    Set1Stick2DownSlots=Mouse Move Down
    Set1Stick2LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left
    Set2Button4Slots=Left Mouse Button (1)
    Set2Button8Slots=Left Mouse Button (1)
    Set2DPadUpSlots=Right Square Bracket
    Set2DPadRightSlots=Arrow Right
    Set2DPadDownSlots=Left Shift,Minus
    Set2DPadLeftSlots=Arrow Left
    Set2Stick1UpSlots=Mouse Move Up
    Set2Stick1RightSlots=Mouse Move Right
    Set2Stick1DownSlots=Mouse Move Down
    Set2Stick1LeftSlots=Mouse Move Left

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    Registered: Aug 2009
    Hmmm, installed Xpadder, but looks like it doesn't like Bluetooth. won't detect the controller at all. I'll have to get an hdmi-usb cable

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