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Thread: I got the Honest Trailers guy to say a Thief line!

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    FKA Buccura
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    I got the Honest Trailers guy to say a Thief line!

    At 4:35! And in what is so far my favorite game this year no less!

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    Well done! There's always something nice about references to the LGS games outside the usual places.

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    Listening to that is torture, as he finishes every line with the exact same tonal falloff. Sorry, I can't make it past 30 seconds. There is no way I'm going 4.5 minutes... I don't know how anyone can, TBH. What timestamp should we jump to?

    I know it is parody, but that doesn't mean you have to drop to the same bass note every time.

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    my only issue is on how its said,its not in the right context

    sounds like a cheap duke nukem attempt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Komag View Post
    Thank you!

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