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Thread: Stand Alone Thief Missions T1,TG and T2

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    Stand Alone Thief Missions T1,TG and T2

    A whole lot of years ago I got DVD from a TTLG member that had T2 individual missions that could be opened in DROMED and modified. I also thought that you could play any of them using one of the old FM loaders without having to go through the whole game or skipping through in game. I still have those files but am not sure if they can be played without opening them in Dromed (Obviously not the best way to play a mission). It would be cool to be able to select any mission from T1 or T2 using AngelLoader but not sure that is possible.

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    Yeah its possible with FMSel, but you need to change the mission number in Dromed to something higher than 18 if you want to load it standalone.
    Also need to put the objectives from the RES folder for that mission into the "FMs/mission_folder/interface" and missflags.str (skipping the OMs) and titles.str (with new titles) into the strings folder. Then it'll load standalone.
    Not sure if you've made FMs before. Let me know and I'll explain it more.

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