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Thread: Remove loot goal mod?

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    FKA Buccura
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    Remove loot goal mod?

    This could be a false memory, but I swore back in the day someone made a mod that makes it so you don't have to complete the loot goal in the OMs. Did this mod exist and if not, would it be possible to do without outright changing the objectives in the OMs?

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    Does sth. like this exist for FMs aswell? Would be very useful for Cardia missions, to be able to play them on expert without having to look hours for the missing loot.

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    FKA Buccura
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    I feel like it applied to FMs as well, like it was a general override. Again though, I could be remembering wrong.

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    Unlikely that you could make a global dml or mod to cover every FM due to the fact that every goal objective in the goals.str would have to have the same Dromed goal number, this just doesnít happen.

    Guess it could have been possible to make a mod for the OMís by listing each missions goal number in the mod along with that missions miss number, but to do that with 1100+ FMís you would also need to include a fingerprinting method to identify each individual FM, that would be a mammoth undertaking.

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    I am not aware of any mod that currently does this, but disabling objectives by type without any knowledge of a particular mission's set of goals is possible as long as it is classified under one of the four convict-defined goal types. Fortunately, most loot goals are classified in this manner. If you are interested, you can try this small mod I put together that should accomplish this, though no types are disabled by default. To disable loot goals, simply add "cgtm_cancel_loot" to a new line in cam_ext.cfg.

    There is also functionality to disable the other three goal types. "steal" goals, "kill" goals, and "location" goals can be canceled by adding the "cgtm_cancel_steal", "cgtm_cancel_kill", and "cgtm_cancel_location" configuration variables, respectively. Any combination of these types can be disabled by selectively specifying these configuration variables.

    It is worth noting that not all goals are classified according to these four types. Additionally, this mod will only work for missions that use convict. For example, because the original Thief 1 missions do not use it, this mod will not be able to disable any objectives in them. However, the added Thief Gold missions, along with all original Thief 2 missions and most FMs, should be compatible.

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    I have a suggestion for this: make the goal optional instead of cancelling it. In most cases people will steal enough loot to ahcieve the goal via normal gameplay, so it would be nice to still allow the completion message and the lovely green tick.

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    nice idea r soul i like the idea of optional loot goal,but if loot carries over to another mission and you are short to buy item's would be a good trade off,giving incentive to get as much loot as possible on first mission for better upgrades next level,if there is a next level,also i think by hunting for loot you find a lot more then just loot as in switches,making no loot objective means people would miss even more in a mission when they don't have to worry about getting loot

    i would just say if you play expert you are basically claiming to be an expert so finding loot goal should not be that hard,i would say out of all the missions i played all but ,maybe 5 due to lag,there might have been 10 where i missed maybe 1 or 2 pieces of loot and goal was also max loot,but its seems more rare in more recent missions

    you enter a room and be sure to save before you frob everything from top to bottom hoping to get loot omg you grab a healing potion/speed potion/invisable potion/slowfall potion and quickly drink it and maybe others of the same as you were frobbing so fast,so ofcourse a reload in room go to area grab the item,resave then back to frobbing like a crazy person =true expert skills :P

    new info= after thinking about post here i think "loot glint" would solve the issue,what you all think like thief 3 had
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    Quote Originally Posted by R Soul View Post
    I have a suggestion for this: make the goal optional instead of cancelling it. In most cases people will steal enough loot to ahcieve the goal via normal gameplay, so it would be nice to still allow the completion message and the lovely green tick.
    This is a good idea and is easy to implement. The current version, which is available at the same link, should allow making goals optional as well by specifying "cgtm_optional_type" instead of "cgtm_cancel_type". The only caveat to this is that there is really no way of telegraphing that a goal is optional other than simply modifying the goal text itself, though it should still behave as expected.

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