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Thread: TG: Zombie Models Appear Compressed Models + Wonky

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    TG: Zombie Models Appear Compressed Models + Wonky

    So my zombies in Thief Gold do not work IF I start or restart the mission with HD mod installed. I reverted back to the old patched T2 version zombies and still no luck.
    One of them even puked on me and shot bees? LOL
    I have a Windows XP 32bit virtual machine that I installed the TG Discs on, which worked when I tested (outside the speed issue and mouse sens spazzes), but the zombies worked.
    I took that base install, put it on my Win10 and patched it with only TFix 1.25d. Most zombies still didn't have models.
    I then extracted the base game again and only put the cam.cfg from 1.25d, and an old thief.exe fix on This worked for zombies on every level except level 3 was the same with no models
    The weird part is, I imported that old save into my newer Thief install, and the models worked after I loaded, both the HD and the dtmp10_gif ones.
    My zombies were completely fine before this until I loaded the game today. I don't know what is happening.
    Same with the torches and lights sometimes. They don't go out till the game is loaded again? (happens on old and new patch)

    Level3 on old patch and 1.25d+hdmod (the old patch does the same thing so there's no image from it)

    Lvl6 On 1.25d+hdmod

    Using level6 save from old patch on 1.25d+hdmod

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    Registered: Apr 2007
    Location: US, New York State
    I actually figured out the issue was the file DarkDlgs? For some reason it doesn't come with Tfix. It's only when I was trying to use Dromed 2 with TG New Dark that I discovered that this file was in
    DromEd Basic 1.14 (Beta4).zip\Tools\OldDark Installs\Newdark Darkdlgs because the editor complained it was an old version. I know I was using Tfix 1.25d in the pics, but I tried 1.26 and 1.27 also, so that file should be added to Tfix if its not. Maybe my PC is special and only I needed that file? Doesn't seem like anyone else has had this issue. I also just tested with renaming the HDMod folder on my old install then loading the old HDmod version backup, and restarted the level. It worked too even though I've tried that before. Seems like the new install of HD mod is bugged out. I'm not sure how it was happening on a non HD mod install though. Very confusing. Anyways its fixed now. Over with this issue lol.

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