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Thread: EeePC 900a EU plug in US?

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    EeePC 900a EU plug in US?

    not an electrician, but I'm guessing someone will know off the bat, got a EeePC 900a with an EU power brick/cord, will this work in US with just a simple adapter like this one, or do I need a proper converter that would actually change the voltage/amperage? would not want to blow the now almost antique specimen sky-high.


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    It depends.

    Some power bricks can handle different voltages and will say so on the label (ie. 110-220V) and others are restricted to the specific voltage of the region they're sold in. If the brick isn't designed to work with 110V, you will need a proper converter or a US specific brick that fits.

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    Yes, that should be fine. If it has a cloverleaf power inlet then it should be easy to get a cable and avoid needing to use an adapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    The label says 100-240V on it, so it will be fine unless the brick itself is broken.

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    should be good to go then, thanks.

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