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Thread: Barney the Dinosaur mod for Burricks

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    Barney the Dinosaur mod for Burricks

    How do i do that?. I want to replace all Burricks to look like Barney the Dinosaur with a funny walk animation. I know how to change sound or mod that part. Since one simply need to go to "RES folder and open SND file with 7zip file manager" replacing sound files like that is pretty much a walk in the park. But graphic design or modding that seems harder. I tried once in GTA Vice City game, didnt go all that well. There is also the model change too which i have no idea how to do. Which i bet you need some skill in programming to modify that part.

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    a modified skin and sounds are easy, a completely new model difficult, and custom animations nigh impossible. also, you do not put modified files back into the crf archives, you use a mod manager to load the mod.

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