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Thread: New Dark 10th Anniversary Contest - Results

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    New Dark 10th Anniversary Contest - Results

    Ok, voting has closed for the contest, and we have a winner.

    Congrats to Nomadman, for their mission Intertheft. Excellent job.

    Here are the vital stats:

    Intertheft (Nomdaman) - 60 votes - 493 total score - 8.22 average score
    House of the Architect (TheDataElemental) - 60 votes - 464 total score - 7.73 average score

    Thanks to both authors for their missions, I thought they were both extremeley well done, especially considering they are first time authors.

    Also, thanks to everyone who voted. There were some great comments included with the votes, I will post those below.

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    User comments for the mission Intertheft, by Nomadman:

    The best possible re-imagining of Thieves Guild, it captured the OM feel perfectly whilst showing off Newdark capabilities, which was what the contest was all about. Couldn't ask for more.
    Tighter package than the OM and in generally I feel like this entry was more faithful to the premise of the competition, in my opinion.
    Really excellent mission. Great use of space and sound. Many alternating paths available to the player and frequent changes to the setting and surroundings made it constantly fresh and interesting (something the OM struggled with). Architecture and other design elements are expertly implemented and consistently remind one of the quality of a Skacky/Black Parade team mission. I hope to see more from this author.
    An okay mission for me. The gameplay and architecture were great, but other than that it felt like a Warming-up of the OM. The same story, the same conversations. I felt bored after playing it for a while.
    Making a kinda tedious mission into a fun one is not easy but the author succeeded here. I always love cramped and detailed spaces so that's another plus. And as much as I think that the House of the Architect is a really good mission it did lack at least some kind of story or at least some readables.
    Fantastic "retelling" of Thieves' Guild that is better-looking, easier to navigate, and better paced than the original while retaining everything that was interesting in the OM. Hard to believe this is from a new author, it feels polished to a shine. Next time I replay Thief 1, I'll probably slot this mission in instead of the original Thieves' Guild, it's that much better.
    A very good re-interpretation of what the thieves guild *SHOULD* have been like. It had the grittyness feel of a real OM TG mission. my only complaint is the fine touches were missed - i.e. plates that are sunk into table tops. for tl/dr > WOW.
    This level struck much better balance between openness and intelligibility, and the challenges that it poses are more bearable than in original Thieves' Guild. There are much less samey-looking corridors and sewer tunnels while the layout is divided into small parts that are easily distinguishable one from another. While doing so, Intertheft also remains multi-leveled and - surprisingly for such underground level! - very vertical mission that occasionally puts you into spatial puzzles. Often it proposes you several ways into areas of interest - which is also sign of a quality mission. Sometimes you still can get lost (for me it was objective with obtaining bracelet), but such moments are rare comparing to original Thieves Guild. In general, excellent first mission, and I hope Nomadman would continue!
    Enjoyed playing. A little constricted in places. Bewildering map.
    Very good reinterpretation of the infamous Thieve's guild mission. Some clever and interesting architecture, specifically in reuben's and donald's mansions. Good encounter design, interesting sneaking opportunities. The layout is a bit cramped in some parts, corridors could be about 20% larger. This is the winner for me.
    Very beautiful remake of the Thieves Guild. No critic points at all for me.
    A maze that is nicer and less maze-ish than the original.
    I was so impressed by this one, I think it serves as a good replacement for the original 'Thieves Guild'-mission.
    Thieves' Guild - but fixed. Tightly built, with good flow, chhallenging sneaking, and solid aesthetics.
    Very nicely made. Layout is a bit cramped for my liking, but it's only a personal thing. Lot of effort went into small details and I highly appreciate it, I don't like empty, low effort missions, and this is definitely not one. Thank you for the fun and good luck with the contest!
    Great game play, good pacing and design, good amount of imagination in expanding the original Thief mission.
    Fun to play. A bit too narrow some places.
    Very interesting, nicely improving Thief Guild, what has really boring fragemnt. Intertheft: none. I found here great time and Thief atmosphere. One thing: here also too many guards.
    I really enjoyed this re-imagining. It is definitely superior to the original experience (Sorry LGS, but I guess that's why it wasn't in TDP). I rated 8 because while it is incredibly technically proficient and I experienced no bugs or issues, it *was* a reimagined OM.
    First of all, this is just insanely good author's first mission! So far I'm not sure if I've played before this good author's first mission (maybe Compulsory Egress and Hidden Agenda are at the same level). What impressed me most is the gameplay that feels so solid and the difficulty is just right. It's been awhile since I've played OMs but I think this mission captures the feeling of OMs nicely. Of course this is much more detailed than OMs but still it feels that author's top priority was the gameplay. Also atmosphere and tension are very strong throughout the whole mission!

    So, I really hope to see more FMs from this author! It's quite rare to play a mission like Intertheft where the gameplay and difficulty feels just right and everything seems balanced. Very good work!
    Great mission, especially for a first-time author. Very well-designed and atmospheric. It was a pleasure to play.
    A recreation of the "Thieves' Guild" mission, but with a better-sized (smaller) area. Some locations, though, were a bit too cramped for me, e.g., the sleeping rooms of the thieves, or some of the bosses' houses. The environment still required a notable amount of exploration, and especially looking for things to steal or sometimes information to gain. In the end, I found it to be a bit too much labour for a bit too small a reward in gameplay.

    Why exactly I value it slightly less than "House of the Architect", I cannot say, but it most likely is a personal choice. "Intertheft" is still a very notable effort, a worthy competitor to "House of the Architect", and certainly not a bad mission.
    Quite challenging mission. Large amount of thieves (expert). Navigation between manors and at the thieves sewers was painful. Only at the end I figured out which manor belonged to whom. However, every exploration was greatly rewarded. As usually when playing FMs, I missed around 1000 loot, so replay is absolutely needed. The story was straightforward, the readables were fun and not long, which I liked. The mission was atmospheric in the way that it reminded me of Alcazar or Into the odd. However, some things I did not like. First of all, the mission felt a little too dark for me, even with gamma set at around 60-70%. Secondly, some parts, like the sleeping rooms at the sewers area, were too cramped and sometimes I was stuck by the bed or body that I needed to reload. Also, I was firstly very confused, that I was given a key for certain door while you could open it with lockpicks.
    An excellent remastering of perhaps the least liked mission in the whole series.
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    User comments for the mission House of the Architect, by TheDataElemental:

    A great mission in many ways, the final area was superb, but dropped a couple of points due to the lack of readables. Hoping the author will release an updated version after the contest to flesh out the story.
    Great mansion romp with some great twists, what lets it down is the complete lack of readables in my opinion, still a great mission though!
    Very creative mission which is deceptively large. The ending sequence is particularly memorable and unlike anything Iíve seen implemented before. Score would have been higher had some slight sound issues and other bugs been captured in testing and also a lack of readables slightly took away from the otherwise creepy atmosphere. I think more information to provide an element of narrative would have added more to the atmosphere. Overall, a very enjoyable and impressive mission from a first time author.
    Pretty cool mission. Nice architecture, thievy feeling & good gamplay. Two Minus points I give for the lack of story and readables.
    It's very hard for me to rate this mission. It looks beautiful, there's so much wonderful details. But the story is lacking or atleast some flavour texts. I thought about giving it a 7/10 but that feels kinda wrong so I'll have to give it an 8 as well.
    Really fun and imaginative mission; great atmosphere, fun premise. The crazy void towers bit at the end was ace!
    I think it could have done with a smaller scale, the rooms all felt just a bit too big, and the lack of readables was problematic because the environmental storytelling didn't carry the mission.
    Overall though, fantastic for a first mission (jeez, wish my first mission had been even half this good). Looking forward to seeing more from this author.
    I have to rate both missions at 9 - both are EQUALLY worthy of winning. this mission feels huge - lots of different paths, the right amount of guards to raise tension, tight guard patrols. my only issue is the level does't feel it was "finished" i.e. lack of readables. honesly that was my only complaint.. a first time author making something this intricate. - NICE. I would love to see a post content version update that really sit down and try to supreme ghost it.
    The mission was clearly meant as mix of Thief 1's opening level and The Sword. But it feels like either overgrown Shadow Play or throwback to era of earlier Thief 1 fan-missions - like Order of the Vine or Mystery Man. The mansion consists of several GIGANTIC floors, full of tile floor, loot, huge rooms and halls and passages between them - obvious and non-obvious. Several exits to mansion. Ways from one floor to another, hidden in plain sight. The mission easily puts tension on the player who should carefully manage attention to marble floor and to guards walking around.

    The mission clearly feels like beginner's effort. Sometimes it's too gigantic, and some areas (especially outdoors) are clearly underused and are empty. Some bugs are present - with the disappearance of certain item near the end of mission. There are almost no readables in the mission (I don't think of it as disadvantage though). But it's well done beginner's effort: it's challenging and beautiful and doesn't overstay it's welcome. I hope to see some new creative input from DataElemental.
    Great architecture. Really interesting rooms. Gameplay above average.
    A very entertaining romp through a huge mansion. This mission is fun and has some very creative and mind bending designs. The mansion is a bit too large for me. The encounter design is less puzzley and more bonkabonkey. This is not a problem, it just means that the map leans more into 'fun' and less into 'challenging'. All in all very fun map!
    This mission is simply amazing. I was afraid when I saw the sheer size of the mansion from the outside that it will become repetitive and boring after a few rooms, but boy, I was wrong. When I entered the mansion I thought that it's just a normal mansion even if a bit huge, after that I saw the torture room on the top floor and thought, this guy is insane, then I entered the fire shadow world in the lower parts and realized, this guy is some kind of god to have that in his basement.
    I had a great time exploring and there is still much for me to discover, since I finishet some 3000 loot shorter than the maximum.
    Thank you for this great mission, it's simply amazing!
    An outstanding fan mission. I only wished readables, a map and some note pages were included.
    Big nice and absolutely empty place.
    Ambitious, some "oversized FPS map" syndrome. It has a lot of character, and a well realised final section.
    Great design, good pacing for the game play for a large map. Would love to see the surrounding areas expanded.
    Good: Always nice to see some new missions. Had fun playing it.
    Suggestions for improvements: Too easy to complete. Unrealistic size ratio of both rooms and inventory.
    Majestic mission, full of marvelous details. Really inspiring "upgrade" of original classics. Playing it was fascinating and made me proud, that Thief community is still so alive and creative.
    One thing, there were not so much reading, but too many guards.
    For a first time author, this blew my mind. I want this mission to win because I want the author to be encouraged to continue their work.
    Excellent expansive mansion that looks and plays superbly. I am highly impressed. A re-release of this mission later on to include some readables for added story would put this mission up there with some of the best ever. I didn't find a map, so maybe allowing the player to find a map of the mansion at some point (surely an architect would have one lying around) would also be an added benefit.
    This is a very big manor FM, which has some other areas (small streets, sewers and some weirder areas). The manor looks amazing and very creative with lots of different styles and textures. Definitely the strongest point of this FM is the visual side. Only small minus I could say is that after some time the manor doesn't surprise anymore. Maybe there could have been a little more tension in some part of the manor (maybe some others thieves lurking about or something else that surprises the player).

    The weird areas had definitely tension that made the gameplay more interesting (meaning the Constantine's manor style areas and the weird world that was below the manor). So, maybe the manor could have been a little smaller and there could have been a bit more of weird areas because they were top-notch. Still the mission is great as it is (even more so for author's first one) and I think many authors can find the mission inspirational! Keep creating more FMs!
    A bit like "The Sword" (T1 OM), this mission also sends Garrett into a mansion that gets weirder the deeper he goes into it. The opponents were neither too easy to get rid of, nor were they too much for me. Occasionally, there were moments at which I lured out of sight in order to find an opportunity to pass through enemies, but more often careful exploration was the best behaviour. This is a good mixture for gameplay on easiest difficulty level, which is what I played.

    The only two things that were not so good were the large environments with not so many objects, which felt a bit too empty, and not many goals to pursue as well. A tiny little bit more to do, maybe some new objectives or goal changes in the mission, and a small additional dose of objects especially in the larger rooms, and the mission would have felt more "whole". But for a first attempt at building, this one certainly is a good mission.
    Nice FM, full of great ideas, however, it feels unfinished (no texts, empty design...)
    Maybe a bit too big, with places interesting but useless except for looting
    Would definitely be worth a V2
    I am playing this mission second in order and have a hard time separating it from the Intertheft by a whole score of 1 or more. Graphically it is a little bit superior than Intertheft (my computer sometimes stuttered when looking up), it includes a large indoor but also outdoor area. The mansion is huge and well interconnected, the "secrets" were various and also here on Expert the guards on marble posed a challenge. Things that I miss: maybe some story, and a couple of readables would be nice. Some corners lacked sound.
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    Congratulations to both contestants and to you, Brethren! Both missions are very good.
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    60 votes
    Wow. That's... ghm... discouraging.

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    Actually that's a pretty good number of voters for a contest.

    Anyway I hope the authors will now reveal their true identities, both were first time authors and I think we can all agree we would all like to see further missions from both of them.

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    Thank you, Brethren. And congratulations to both authors for making enjoyable FMs. I would also love to see more missions from both of you.

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    Thank you brethren for making this contest and a big thanks to the two authors for their great missions. Both are really enjoyable!

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    Congrats to both contestants! Like Samantha I am definitely keen on seeing more stuff from both of you.
    Also, 60 voters is pretty good. That's about the same amount of people rating missions on Thief Guild these days.

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    I'd like to echo the comments above. Thanks Brethren, for organising it and thank you to the authors for their hard work in producing two excellent FMs.
    It's great to see that there is still interest in producing (and playing) this wonderful game.

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    I'm happy that I had the ability to play both of these fantastic missions. Huge thanks for the authors and to Brethren to organise the contest. I hope we will have more contestants and missions next time, the more missions to play, the better .

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    Excellent missions, both of these, and yes, I hope both of these authors make more! Some quick comments:

    Intertheft: Super well-executed revamp of the concept. It felt realistic and believable how the thieves repurposed the sewers and had their own little culture down there. Tight quarters, twisty passages, lots of sleepers to tiptoe around. Very tense. Practically rubbing shoulders with the thieves at times. Many creative and varied room/trap/challenge ideas along with alternate paths and fun sneaky ways for Garrett to "out-thief the thieves" (although I fumbled things in Donal's place and left it a bloodbath). The author's notes and suggestions in the readme were appreciated.

    House of the Architect: If Intertheft is "tight quarters", this is pretty much the opposite! I never really get tired of mansion missions, and this one ranks up there with my favorites because the layout is so good. A wonderfully carved 3D space with lots of freedom. The decor is like a maximalist smorgasbord of Thiefy style and creative object use. I certainly ate my fill. But it's not just aesthetics, I thought the sneaking challenge setups were very good too. Just the right amount of noisy floors and carpet for my taste. I used my blackjack liberally for this one.

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