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Thread: Question about dragon egg and Lord Inut and dragon

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    Question about dragon egg and Lord Inut and dragon

    First: i know most of the quests in the game have very little hand-holding, but can be done with a lot of attention and time investment, without using a walktrough.
    However, i am pretty far late-game and still have not found any in-game information about how to finish the quest.
    Let's say one can accidentally stumble upon him while wearing the Poxellis helm, but even reading his book does not shed any light on what are the ingredients and what is the procedure of the cure.
    Was this whole quest a well-hidden easter-egg? or i am missing something?

    Second question: is it possible to get a second dragon egg AND spare the dragon?
    I tried with a very cheesy-way: telekinesis the egg and have a dispel field spell readied, but the dragon keeps paralyzing me.
    I suppose i could cast negate magic on myself, haven't tried that, but since on my first attempt it could paralyze me trough the wall, how far does it reach?
    Does it reset with a zone reload?

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    First Lord Inut is an easter egg and I don't believe the recipe is anywhere but in walkthroughs. 2nd I don't believe there is any way to get a second egg without fighting the dragon. He does have a long reach with paralyze as i ran into a bug where I read the book and had the answer to his question, but it would not work so I had to steal the egg and it was able to paralyze me even back out in the main cave. I wasn't safe as I recall until I got back to the area with the portals there. If you find a way to steal another without a fight, please let me know.

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    Could steal a second one, but it triggered the fight:
    - precast dispel field and negate magic
    - cast teleport
    - steal egg
    - cast negate magic
    - run to field and dispel it
    - it kept trying to paralyze me all the way back to the portal

    Also found out, that you can brew the potion in the cauldron with telekinesis, thus avoiding aggroing the tavern keeper lady.

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