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Thread: New Thief PC gamer article

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    I posted this elsewhere, but I'll repeat it here as well. Thief (and Thief 2) is still very much alive for some folks.

    Civvie 11 did a series on Thief: The Dark Project, then started one on Thief 2 a few months ago. Brings back lots of fond memories.

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    Glad to read this! But next time someone shows Thief to the outside world, they should at least use the high-res textures IMO

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    Great except for its conclusion that it's probably for the best that Thief's stealth style was largely abandoned.

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    Here's another I just noticed about looped Thief audio files on YouTube, some are quite old so this was probably mentioned before...

    Help, I can't stop listening to audio loops from the Thief games on repeat

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