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Thread: help with streaming on discord

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    help with streaming on discord

    does anyone here have any advice? i'd prefer to be able to stream it modded, as i also want to stream t2x fan missions if possable

    on that note, how do i play t2x as fan missions?

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    also, i have it on steam, and i wouldnt know how to emulate windows 95, so if u have advice on that as well, please help lol. is it possable to just copy and paste the files onto windows 95, mods and such included? or would that be a hard way of doing things?

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    I'm not going to be tons of help here, but are you using New Dark? You said your copy was "modded" but I don't know specifically what you're referring to there. My Thief is patched with New Dark and I can select it anytime using Alt-Tab.

    I do know I've seen others stream Thief on Discord with no issues.

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    if youre using newdark (tfix/t2fix will install newdark for you), then you can edit the cam_ext.cfg config file and set force_windowed to run thief in borderless fullscreen. this will improve its alt-tab behaviour, and i expect will make it play nicer with discord.

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    thank u, that worked! now, how do i play thief 2x as a fan mission so that it works properly?

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    -download the pre-patched zip
    -extract the contents of the zip to a fresh T2x folder inside the FMs folder (may need to run FMsel and exit it once to get it created)
    -start FMsel, double click T2x

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    thank you! that helped!

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