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Thread: Small UTF-8 issue

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    Small UTF-8 issue

    Sending a PM to someone with special characters in their name - like Beleg Cúthalion - works fine, except when I take so long to compose it that the session times out. In that case, after logging in again, I get the message "the following users were not found: Beleg CĂșthalion". The name is wrong also in the Recipient Users field and in QUOTE tags in the message itself. I don't know if the Title field is affected.

    After correcting the names manually and clicking Preview everything is back to normal

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    There are so many interconnected systems, even for simple things like the forums. Maybe if we cross our fingers really hard this one can be solved
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    I remember looking at UTF8 when we did the forum upgrade several years ago. There were parts of the forum that just didn't work well when trying to use it and this may be one of them. If I get the chance I'll take another look to see if we can sort this particular instance out.

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