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Thread: Login no longer saved

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    Login no longer saved

    In the past, I'd click my bookmark for this site and it loaded up just fine and logged me in.

    I recently reinstalled Windows 10 Home and I've done that a dozen times, and reinstalled my favorite browser (Firefox) and have everything set up just like I always do..

    But for some reason, this website and others never save my login credentials. Even ticking the box at the top of these forums (Remember Me..) does nothing, I still have to bring up my name in the login box and then the password box.. even though Firefox does fill those in for me. But I never had to do that before, it just always signed me straight in.

    Not sure what I've done that's different this one time out of dozens.

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    Location: Lost in the BSP...
    nope, spoke too soon..

    clearing cache data and other cookies did nothing, except make it work one time, and then it went right back to having me start logged out.

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    Location: Lost in the BSP...
    Ahh, something of a success.

    Uninstalled Firefox and redownloaded it and installed it again.. after manually deleting all its saved data in %appdata% as well when it tried to start blah-blah-blahing about "it looks like you're reinstalling Firefox..". Zap!! Stop that. I don't want you to even acknowledge that I've ever had it. Install it FRESH please.

    Of course that's still a "lie" since you have to now have a Firefox account and it remembers stuff. Fuck, when did everything become so godsdammned complicated. I even had to get rid of my favorite email client and just use gmail's website (ugh) for my emails now. It was also another Mozilla product (Thunderbird) but it has gotten so ridiculously bloated and filled with 98% crap that I didn't need in the first place.

    Oh well, back to something of a normality now.. until I screw it all up again.

    Fixed, Close, thanks!

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    Glad you figured out what was going wrong!

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