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Thread: Terranova PBA Musings

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    Terranova PBA Musings

    I've always loved the design of Strike Force Centauri's Personal Battle Armour (PBA) suits. Of course there are plenty of details there that don't really work but since there's been a lot of development with powered suits in the real world, I thought I'd have a go at a version of the design.

    I want to keep the flat top and the 'T' shape of the helmet, which I think are iconic. I'd also like to keep as much of the silhouette of the suit (and the functionality built into it) as I can.

    I'm not promising this will go anywhere but I thought I'd get some ideas out there and what better place for them than here.

    So, here's my ever-growing exploration sheet:

    ..and here's my first look at blocking out some forms around a human frame.

    There'll be more added and refined as I go and I may even 3d print a version eventually.

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