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Thread: Dark Project Crashing After Assassins

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    Dark Project Crashing After Assassins

    This issue popped up a while back in Windows 7, and it continues for me in Windows 10.

    Playing Dark Project from the beginning, everything is fine all the way until I finish "Assassins". After seeing the objectives and stats screen, Thief crashes hard when I click to continue to "The Sword". Has anyone else had this issue? Lately I've been playing mostly fan missions but I also like to run through the originals from time to time, and can't play past "Assassins". It crashes consistently before "The Sword" can load, even after a fresh install of the game. Metal Age runs completely through from beginning to end like a champ.

    I'd appreciate any input, as I'm not even sure what to look at to troubleshoot.

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    patched up?

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    Do you get to see the briefing movie?

    Does the pre-mission store show up?

    If the first one is yes and the second one is no, it would be worth mentioning which mods you have, and/or disabling them one by one. It's a rare thing, but the store cannot display ".dds" format textures, but a mod might have put one of them on one of the objects you could buy for that mission.

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    Voodo47: For installation I used TFix_1.27.

    R Soul: The short "Mission Complete" video plays, it goes to the "Menu.....Continue.....Stats" screen, and as soon as I click "Continue" it crashes. So not even a briefing movie. And it is immediate, no delay or trying to access anything, just a fast hard crash to Windows.

    Funny enough, it plays perfectly fine until that same point continuing from the end of Assassins. Every time.

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    the loss of farcus was to much for the mission to finish

    rip farcus you will never be forgotten

    has anyone ever tryed to save farcus with a box/item thrown as arrow is fired to block shot???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scruff View Post
    Funny enough, it plays perfectly fine until that same point continuing from the end of Assassins. Every time.
    Thieves' Guild takes place after Assassins in Thief Gold but is not present in Thief Dark Project.
    Could your setup be trying to load miss15.mis and not finding it?

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    share a save from the end of the assassins mission.

    no manual tampering with your TG install? what was your data source, GOG/steam, cd? tried to repatch with TFix to ensure no files are missing?
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